How to create facebook page in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa

Do you want to know how to create facebook page? With no doubt facebook is the best and more visited social media network world wide. Facebook is ranking he second more visited website worldwide, almost every one is one facebook rocking the juice of communication and friend finding and making.

Facebook have a feature of facebook page, with this facebook page your fans can follow you and get update from you at any time. creating a facebook page is totally free and required no money or any form of stress, with this article you will know how to create a facebook page easily.

The Benefit Of A Facebook Page

Before we head on how to create facebook page, lets quickly take a look at what we can do or archive with a facebook page.
1. Sale on facebook page
Facebook has recently if not recent introduce the ability of havi a store a in facebook page, the enable facebook page admin to sell products are any thing on their facebook page.
2. Promote website with facebook page
You can only archive a promotion of your website ware by place ads on facebook that lead traffic to your website or blog. Facebook allow only people with facebook page to place ads on facebook.
3. Promote a post or topic
If you have a post that you definitely want more engagement even getting to people who are not your fans then you need a faecbook page, you can only archive this by creating facebook page.
4 Easy communication with your fans or customers
At some point facebook page serve as personal or business website that enable you update your fans of your new latest items/products.
5. Popularity
Facebook page can make your or your brand popular as you never expected if manage properly or manage by expert. This is because a lot of people will be sharing your update of their wall and he more share you get the more your fans keep increasing and the more popular you become.

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There are so many reasons you should consider creating facebook page. Now that we have seen some advantage of facebook page let head on to the main topic why we are here “how to create a facebook page in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa.

To create facebook page you must have already have facebook account for yourself, facebook page is just a fan page that allow you to have fans to follows you. Facebook page is different from facebook account. In order to create facebook page you need to have you need to have create facebook account or create it now. If you have facebook account then login to your profile, if you don’t then sign up, i easy to sign up facebook.

How to create a facebook page

  • Login to your facebook profile
  • Visit
  • Click “Get Started”
  • Enter your page title ( Name of Brand ) and click next
  • Select your page category and subcategory ( What the page about ) and click next.
  • Enter your website url and click next ( Leave this field alone if you don’t have a website )
  • Add a photo to your facebook page by clicking the upload and hit the next button. ( You can click the skip option if your photo is not ready )
  • Upload a timeline photo to your facebook page by clicking the upload and hit the next button

Congratulation you have just successfully create your facebook page, hope you see how easy i Now let move on to how to to change your facebook user name and have unique url.

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