How to Change Facebook Page Username on URL, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa

After creating your facebook page you will discover that your page is something like this Your facebook is not unique with that url, you have to customize it to look unique such as by changing your user name. with this your fans, customers will be able to find your page easily without mistakes if the type

facebook page

What you need to do is change your facebook page user name to enable you have a custom url. Change your facebook page user name to the way you want it such as your business name, this is by using your brand name on the url and that is all, to change your facebook username to get custom url follow the steps below

To Change Facebook Page Username on URL

Login to your facebook profile and navigate to your newly created facebook page. near to our facebook page photo you will see @username, click on it and put your username in the empty field and click change username.

After changing your username you will see that your url is now change also from how it was to e.g

This is the complete step of changing your username, but don’t go yet i want to show you how to grow your facebook page likes.

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