Best Web Hosting Company to Use in Nigeria, Ghana, SA, Kenya, UK

Informationhood present you the best hosting company the year. If you are planning of starting a website or want to start a self hosted blog, there are a lot of things to consider.

best web hosting companyHaving in mind that without hosting; your website can’t live, this is because your website files will not have where to be store. A web hosting plays a very important part in website as much as the domain. Though there are free web host out there they won’t give you the space or quality service you want. Informationhood is here this day to recommend the best host service you should use and save you from the stress of contemplation.

Sometimes or even most of all the web owners has gone though this tough time as well contemplating on which is the best website hosting to use. After a lot of thinking some make the right choice while some others made the wrong choice and suffer for it all because no one was there to  guide them and tell them about the future of their website and of the hosting company.

Bear in mind the reason for informationhood at the first place. We are not here to please or serve ourselves but to serve as many as you that seek help or assistant from the internet. We are not afraid to take a move of truth no mater what comes out of it.

Today we hit on the hosting service area. If you have read our previous post about the best web hosting to use, you will notice that we only gave the quality of hosting service that worth using and promise not to recommend hosting service on that post. After some months of that article it hit well on google and gain some good amount of traffic. Almost 15 at of 17 people uses our contact us details to request the recommendation of what hosting is worth using. This is why we have decided to release another article where we will recommend a nice hosting service to use in which most of the top companies are using today.

If you have taken some reviews or have made good research online then you must have know that the performances of a website rely on the hosting. This is to say when you hosting is bad you will surely receive a bad performances in your website. One of the problem you will then encounter is a slow website. RUNNING DOWN website and some other technical problem. Support will fall to 0% which will end up collapsing your website and all that you have suffered for. Therefore it suit much to go for the best web hosting service.

Best Web Hosting Company to Use in Nigeria, Ghana, SA, Kenya, UK

Informationhood hereby today present you the best hosting service to use weather you are in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, UK Or any part of the world. this hosting company is currently standing at the best position. it very fast and trusted by the top online websites, bloggers and companies.

A hosting company to provide anytime money back guarantee, The best website hosting by infornationhood these year is

How About a2hosting Support

One amazing thing about a2hosting is their support service. This is very good when you run into any problem that required technical support. a2hosting will always make sure they solve the the issue for you immediately. Some things you don’t know how to do, a2hosting support team will put you through. The hosting company has been of good help to this website informationhiod by rendering support when ever we needed it. Informationhood is giving a2hosting support 99%.

How Affordable is A2HOSTING

Depend on your own point of view. But with the kind of quality service you will get from this hosting service we can proudly say A2hosting is very affordable. The service offer a cheap price on their hosting service. Their share hosting is just about 3usd per month and currently with the promo coupon we will give you on this post you will be able to have some amount saved.

How Many Website Can Someone host on a2hosting?

A good website developer or web designer will know the value of hosting providing you a choice of hosting unlimited websites. This is something you must check for when purchasing a host.

These options allow you to host many domain on just one host. For example ‘SEROME’ is hosting over 3 domain on the current host the hosted informationhood. Instead of buying a host for every of your website, why not go for a host that allow you host as many website you need without spending additional money? For example and can be hosted on one hosting you purchase but they are different website. Currently ‘Serome’ is using one host for, and

This amazing service a2hosting will give you without you spending additional money or cost.

Unlimited Subdomain

Wealthier you choose to use our recommended hosting or not, one of the hosting service feature we would advice you to look for is that of which will provide your unlimited subdomain. This is very important that in feature of your website you as the owner won’t regret the host service you used. If you choose to go with out recommended hosting the you have this features guarantee as the host provider gives you unlimited subdomain.

It the name subdomain sounds strange to you, subdomain is a domain that sub name addition to your name. (e.g if your website name is the you can have a sub-domain such as Subdomain are very important to website that have in mind of extending to more users or visitor etc.

Unlimited Customize Email Address

This every website can’t do without except your website is still on child play. So many companies are paying high for customize email. but a good website hosting will give you this for free and this recommended hosting doesn’t on provide you for free but will provide you unlimited customize email address. This means even if your website have hundreds of workers’ each of them will have their own email your website will provide them.

What is a customized email address
I am pretty sure you know what email address is and it work already. There are free email address which is provided by gmail and yahoo mail that is available for everyone to use. Normally the email address gmail and yahoo mail service will provide you will look like this [email protected] or [email protected] How about if you want to make yours advance and matured same time look serious to people who would want to contact you?. What this mean is that your email address won’t have or yahoo.combon it rather will have your website name on it, (e.g if your website name is then you will have a custom email that look like [email protected] etc. How amazing? the good thing is that the recommended host on this post allow you to create unlimited email address.

Friendly Control Panel ( Cpanel )
Setting up your website or installing software will become complicated if your hosting service ‘cpanel’ is not friendly. Some cpanel is really shirt and sometime very discouraging. That is why we provide this time to select this hosting for you. After trying so many hosting companies both Nigeria and abroad we can tell there are a lots of unfriendly control panel you wouldn’t want to waste your time and money on. But we are recommending a hosting that will give you the best experience. The Cpanel is very friendly and easy to understand. Once click installed pre-installed software such as wordpress, joomla and many more. Easy to modify database and so many more. Before it escape my mind, this hosting is using the advance easy to use linux cpanel.

If you installed wordpress on this hosting they will provide your their security plugin free of charge where you can do a lot of things. The plugin will also optimize your website for fast loading and many more that will amaze you.

Go For Hosting That Will Let Your Website Load Very Fast

If you are always busy online you will notice how important a fast loading website is to the visitors. We have mentioned it above but we feel it work mentioning again and again because this is one of the most important area. Don’t bug your visitors with lot of loading delay. A website taking 3.30s to load worth leaving to somewhere else. Do you know the major cause of slow website, 75% cause of it is the hosting. If you don’t get a fast loading host, it can take your website forever just to load especially when you post and visitors start o grow. The reason is easy, website is slow when a host provide hip lot’s of websites in one server. Some host providers will tell you to go get their VPS or dedicated hosting if you are not ok with your website speed. But a good host provider should be very mindful it users website speed even when the user is still on share hosting it doesn’t warrant the host to join too many website on one server to make websites slow. This recommended hosting is very mindful of what they do and wouldn’t want to lose their customers. In fact they take website speed very personal and will do everything to make sure your website is loading very fast.

Conclusion: Note that these pot is not a sponsor post. We have only recommend this host provider because it comes out as the best over 17 host providers we tested. This is the hosting service we use to host this website and some others as well. BBC and some other top are also using them.

If you are ok with our recommended host provider then you can check for anyone else despite you put in mind the worth of a good quality service we listed above

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