Top 5 Best Internet Forums in Nigeria and Their Purposes

Hi friend, welcome to Informationhood. I still remain your loyal Serome. Today on this post i want to take my time to write about the 5 best forums in Nigeria and what you can archive from each of them. It has been my wish to write about this for long but barely have enough time this says however today we going to look at them.

Best Internet Forums in Nigeria and Their Purposes

Best forums in Nigeria

I have read so many articles online about the best forums in Nigeria but none of them really fit in what i was expecting. Many of this people who have written about the best internet forum in Nigeria wrote it according to the forum popularity which is not suppose to be so.

A forum is a gathering of people forming an organization that will be of help to each other. According to my understanding a forum is a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged or discussed.

For me i don’t believe that a forum that is popular or have been for years without completing a purpose or archiving a goal should be considered a good forum and should be listed among beat forums. Some forum are really helpless and full of nonsense topic.

On this i bring to you the top 10 best forum in Nigeria

1. Nairaland

Nairaland - best forums in Nigeria

Nairaland is one of the best forum in Nigeria and according to my research nairaland is the most popular forum in whole Africa.

Nairaland is owned by a Nigerian young man named Oluwa Seun a yuroba by tribe. He founded the forum early 2005 in the inspiration of gathering Nigeria together for discussion and meeting each other


Nairaland had archive it goals and today the forum is full of so many Nigeria who go there for different purpose such as getting Info’s, meeting new people, asking question etc.

It sad google ads has ban nairaland, but the platform has put together a medium of making money from local advertisements. From our research we notice that suen has always put his best together in making the forum load fast and as well ranking high on google search engine.

Bad Side Of Nairaland

We have as well find that the platform copies people content all over the internet without permission and in return give a link back to some of the site which is considered very bad. Seun claims it’s the user who does that but it all lies as he refuse to remove other website contents even when the owners contact him.


2. Proudnaira

proudnaira forum - best forums in Nigeria

Proudnaira is a business focus forum mainly on business discussion only. In addition the forum features classified features which means users can put items for sell. The forum was founded by Serome the CEO of Informationhood in partnership with Christian Enugbu CEO or The forum was inspired due to the love of business in Nigeria and as well the country economic where as to make people have the personal business.

If you are interested in business and want more ideas how to get started or get your business to the highest level or even like discussing business or looking for customers/clients the best forum for you to be is

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The forum is extremely fast loading and easy to use. Discussion such as online business which include how to make money online, all kinds of businesses ideas are there.


3. Jacobian

Jackobian forum best forums in Nigeria

This is another amazing forum in Nigeria that has good impact to the society. This forum focus mainly of Bitcoin and Nigeria news. However the most lovely part of this forum is sharing Info’s across the Nation.

Bad thing about jackobian

The forum load really heavily which takes some times to load. From some devices the forum may not load at all. However the admin can make amendment on this issues without further delay.


4. Nct forum

Nct forum is another great online internet forum in Nigeria. The forum is known as Nigerian Creative Forum where developers come together to share ideas.

The forum has over 500 users and it’s currently the best forum for anyone who is a developer, web designer and online entrepreneur.

The forum load extremely fast and easy to navigate around.

5. Gistmania

Gistmania forum - best forums in Nigeria

Gistmania is a news forum in nigeria. The forum focus mainly on entertainment gist and celebrities news gossip.

If you are interested in reading some kind of gist around Nigeria, Africa then you should check on this forum. Thought the forum don’t allow it users to post update you can register and be part of posts discussions.

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These are the best forums in Nigeria that stands for better discussions with good aims and better discussions.

If you think there is any better forum that was not mentioned on this posts then you can add it using the comment box and if it considered worthy being on this post then we will consider updating the post with it.

As for now these are the best internet online forum in Nigeria. Thanks for been here however we have some other amazing posts you would want to go through below and from the home section.


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