Best Bluetooth Speakers in Nigeria, Price and Where to Buy

Bluetooth Speaker


Welcome to Tosaywe on this post, we will be discussing best Bluetooth speakers and where you can buy in Nigeria. Many times we get tired of using earphones and we feel like using Bluetooth speakers just to lighten up our moods. Below are the best set of products you could look out for;

Best Bluetooth Speakers in Nigeria

Bluetooth Speaker

Are you tired of getting earphones? Do you need a wireless portable equipment that you could take about playing the music in it? Or do you feel that the earphone could cause more harm than good to your ear? Here is the perfect solution of saving your eardrum from damaging at the long run; Bluetooth Speakers.

Bluetooth speakers are most times wireless and very common among mobile users because it easily connects without the use of a cable or a cord, it is portable and handy and it comes with an external power in it. This portable wireless box plays music with ease via the Bluetooth, they give quality audible loud sound through the speakers which could transform every corner of your home into an amazing music encounter.

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You could connect the speaker to your PC or Laptop using your Bluetooth, it is very portable, hassle-free and self-powered. Since it is small and handy it makes it easy to carry around there is no need for adapters or cables when using it. They come with batteries in them which are rechargeable whenever the battery goes low with the use of a USB charger.

Below are the types of Bluetooth speakers you could use:

1.  Zealot S8 3D Hifi Sports Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

The special kind of Bluetooth speaker comes from the zealot pairs with all the Bluetooth-enables devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

It supports streaming of music about 10m away it is equipped with a smart audio chip, with two magnetic speakers and diaphragms. It could offer a surrounded sound performance at Hifi level. It has an inbuilt 4000mah rechargeable battery that offers about 20 hours duration when using it; it has a touch panel with blue breathing lights, very easy to create and supports hands-free talk to the microphone so as to enjoy the music better.

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This unique speaker permits listening to radio and music online and could be used as a power. With all these features in this speaker, you could get yours to save the stress of holding a radio, earphone and your smartphone battery.

2. UE BOOM 2 Phantom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

This particular kind of speaker is waterproof and not only that it is a shockproof as well. It has a surrounded speaker of about 360 degrees with a deep bass. The wireless box equipment is designed uniquely for trips, giving impressive sound robust bass, water resistance of thirty minutes and a shockproof ability.

3. Generic A9 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Led Flash/TF card Support:

This special kind of Bluetooth speaker is fashionably designed in a crack pattern with the Bluetooth version of V3.0 and a transmission distance W/O obstacles 10m and a TF card extension up to 64G with a battery capacity of 400mAh and charges up to about two and half hours giving a good quality loud sound.

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4. W30 Blade Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers:

This awesome Bluetooth speaker gives an amazingly rich sound that could raise the roof of the house with the level of its sound intensity through the 360-degree sound technology. It has an inbuilt black ultra-chic speaker which makes it very light. The advanced Bluetooth technology equipped in this device is the latest in Bluetooth technologies making it connect to phones and pcs very fast. It has a lithium-ion battery which functions for about five to six hours and permits the intake of incoming calls, you could as well end the call or ignore. With the powerful device at hand, you could light up your day by getting one.

Having checked the battery life, portability, the unique design, excellent sound bass and most likely the waterproof structure of the wireless. You could make a good choice of getting one for yourself today.

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