ABC Motors Online Booking: How to Book ABC Transport Ticket Online

How to book ABC transport Bus Online? On this article you are going to learn about ABC motors online booking. This mean how to book ABC transport ticket online right in your home or office easily without stress. Believe when we say it’s very easy to do, it can be done right in your house or office, all that is required is an internet accessible computer or smart phone with internet connection.

ABC Motors In Nigeria And Other’s Africa Countries

ABC transport bus is one of the best transportation company in Nigeria, not just Nigeria but to most African countries. Currently, ABC is the best transportation one can use to travel to vehicle moveable countries such as Nigeria to Ghana e.t.c. They have the best bus so ever in Nigeria and beside their travelling price cost is pretty fair and affordable than many others.

ABC as well have professional drivers who are humble and caring to passenger, with good manners of speech. Another thing we can’t forget talking about ABC Transport is the motion for security, as God led they as well play their role in making sure their own part are put in order, their vehicle are properly checked before travel commence.

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The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

ABC is located in all state if not all of the cities of the country Nigeria, they are as well-known for the best and most popular transportation company the country has ever produce. Let’s head on to the purpose we are here which is how to book ABC Transport Bus online.

ABC Motors Online Booking: How to Book ABC Transport Ticket Online

ABC transport has made it easy for their passengers to book their trip online without having to visit the nearest branch as it was before. Another good thing is that you can book your trip 3 days ahead your travelling date so you get a good seat. This gives your opportunity of booking for the best seat of your choice. Process of Booking ABC transport bus online as follows.

Requirement’s of Booking ABC Motors Ticket Online

  1. Internet Accessing Phone/Computer
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Your ATM Card
  4. Ticket Booking Fee
  5. 5 Minutes of Your Time

To book ABC motors/transport online visit,

On the home page you will see an area with destination search just as the photo below.

ABC Motors Online Booking front page

On the ‘From‘ Field Select your current location ( where you are travelling from) and on the ‘To‘ field select the destination you are travelling to, select or enter where you are heading to and click the Search button below.

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When the other page load you will see a list of all the available buses, prices, and some other details
Click ‘Book‘ button

ABC Motors Online Booking booking page

When it load you will see a box that look just like the photo below.

ABC Motors Online Booking - seat selection page
Choose a seat by clicking on any of your choice seat that is available, At your right hand side of the same page you will see ‘Select Boarding At‘ on the field select the terminal (branch) you would like your bus to be book on, and click CONTINUE button.

The next page is a form where you need to enter all your personal required details, such as your name, address, phone number etc.

ABC Motors Online Booking form page

After successfully filling the form then click the button below which says ‘Proceed to Payment
Soon as you click the proceed to payment, a confirmation message will show up asking you to confirm your previous provided details if you are sure it correct. You need to review the details again to be sure there is no single error. Click on the ‘OK‘ to Continue if all your provided details are correct.

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ABC Motors Online Booking - confirmation page

Another confirmation message will pop-up again showing your transaction reference number. you can see the example on the photo below. Just click ‘OK‘ to continue.

ABC Motors Online Booking - confirmation page 2

The next page will take you to webpay where you need to make the payment, this page required you to enter our ATM card details to make the payment.

All you need to do is leave the login form field alone, look below the login form you will find a drop down, click is and select you ATM card type, such as Master Card, Verve, Visa etc.

ABC Motors Online Booking payment page

On the next page enter you card number
Expiring date
CVV2 number (Note that CVV2 is the last 3 digit on the back of your ATM Card). Check example photo below

ABC Motors Online Booking payment details page

Check that your ATM card details provided is correct and click ‘Pay‘ button below.

This is the complete process of ABC Motors Online Booking, how to book ABC transport online. If you have any question or issue regarding ABC motors booking or price list, you are free to use the below comment box to drop your comment, we will respond soon as possible.

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