How to Travel To Abakiliki – Complete Guide Here

Abakiliki is the capital of the state of Ebonyi in Nigeria. The location is about 64 kilometres towards the Southeast of Enugu. The major inhabitants are Igbos.

The city was the Ogoja province headquarters and this was before the coming of the Southwestern state in the year 1967. The name of the city has an original name and this original name is ‘Aba Nkaleke’. Aba Nkaleke belongs to Izzi land.


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How can i Travel to Abakiliki

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The Economy Of Abakiliki

The city is a centre for commercial activities and there was trade on products like palm kernel, palm oils, yams, cassava rice including kola nuts. The city also trade in zinc, salt, quarrying or limestone mining. Hosting of hotels and golf courses is one the activities in the city.

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Ebonyi state government offers tax holidays and huge incentives and this is to offer them to the main private milestones. Increase of new businesses is the result. There is also a promotion of egg production and poultry by the Ebonyi State government.

Historical Demographics Of Abakiliki

The major population of the city is the Igbos. There is a categorisation for the Igbos. The predominant population of the city is the Northeastern Igbos and the location is from the axis of the Afikpo Abakiliki. The posion of the city is at the road intersecting Ogoja, Afikpo and Enugu roads.

The city host a Federal hospital and this hospital contributes to healthcare in the state in terms of affordability. Many developments like flyover bridges, road construction etc are available in the city.

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What Transport Companies Go To Abakiliki?

Many transport companies go to Abakaliki and they are:

  • Young Shall Grow Limited

    This company operates in many states in Nigeria and they also have a park in Abakiliki

  • Ebonyi State Transport Company

    They are operational in many states of the federation and they also have a park at Abakiliki

  • Peace Mass Transit

    Peace Mass Transport have a park at the city and operate in many states

  • GUO Transport

    GUO Transport has a park at the city and are operational in many states of the federation.

What Places Can You Visit In Abakiliki?

There are many places that you can visit in Abakiliki for your entertainment and tourism.

Abakiliki Golf Club

The golf course of Abakiliki is a 9 hole golf course and the location is at Abakiliki Township Stadium. This Gold Club gets visits from many locals and tourists. The centre has a proper green view that is beautiful for relaxing and you can relax as the practice of your swings go on. The location is at Ezza road and the span is just a few kilometers.

The terrain of the golf course is a modern terrain and you can golf the undulating knolls all round the year. A snack bar and a clubhouse is also available.

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National Museum Abakiliki

The location of the Abakiliki road is at the Museum of Unity. This museum is unique and have a slogan coming from the slogan of 1970 and the slogan is ‘no victor, no vanquished’. The museum came to bring the country together. It accommodates a large quantity of relics and artifacts from many Nigerian communities.

Nevertheless, the museum gives the world view of Igbo and this is in a unique manner. Many sections of this edifice shows the agricultural life of the people of Igbo, religious and sociopolitical life of the Igbos. This museum delights a person that has a tendency of appreciation of ethnography and its cultural attributes.

Abakiliki Green Lake

The location of this Abakiliki Lake is at the Government House of the state. Huts of little sizes line up the lake shores and visitors may camp there. This lake was serving as place of relaxation and leisure for colonial masters and this was sometime ago in the 19th century.

Now the equipment is with the facilities of the state of art and the result is a top destination to travel in Nigeria.

Abakiliki Greater Rice Husks

The location is at Abakiliki and the precise location is the industry of the rice mill. There is piling of rice husks and this piling is into heaps making them resemble desert sand dunes.

Okposi Salt Lake

Another visitable place is the Okposi Salt Lake with locations at Okposi. There is much salt deposit in this location and this is why Ebonyi State has a nickname and this nickname is the Salt of the Nation. The enormous lake has much importance and this importance is economical.

The lake was serving as an economic base and this base is for rural women.

Abakiliki Amusement Park

Abakiliki Amusement Park became a sport for children to relax. There is proper equipment for it to function in this manner. Many activities for recreation and ride categories are available for access by visitors.

Mkpumu Ekwa Oku Rocks

This is another tourist zone and the location is not directly at the capital. The shape of the rock is like eggs. The formation of the rocks was there for many ages. The location is at Ndieze Community and this is at Izzi L.G.A.

Tasting Abakiliki Rice

The rice husks are attractive and Abakiliki rice has more attraction. They normally eat it with sauce from pepper. You can get this from restaurants in Abakiliki.

Esisa Soup

Esisa Soup is a delicacy here and this is popular in Abakiliki. The components of the soup are sesame seeds and this is the main ingredient. You may not get it elsewhere outside Ebonyi State. Therefore take some Esisa soup and this is with Akpu or yam (pounded) as you groove in Abakiliki.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Transport Company For Abakaliki


You have to check the transport company you can afford before you embark on this journey. Many companies have their prices.

Nearness to residence

It is preferable to choose a transport company that is nearest to you unless for other motives or contingencies. This is a factor in choosing.


Check how convenient you will be inside the vehicle. Some transport companies are more convenient than others.


Some transport companies offer many extra services when you need them. Go to the one that is more suitable for you.


This article is a travel guide to Abakiliki. Abakiliki is a tourist centre with many places to catch fun. For any questions on how to travel to Abakiliki from any location or about the transport company or other matters, our comment box is available.

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