A Student of Auchi Polytechnic Just Committed Suicide

The boy is who is known for his calmness has been find dead. Now one knows why he took his life by himself but it’s suspected to be depression.

Solomon who’s 23-year-old student of Auchi Polytechnic never showed up any depression in him.

He instructed that his mobile phone be given to one Sandra whom he begged for forgiveness in the suicide note.

The source said that the Sandra was his girlfriend and that they were course mates.

“Solomon was in class on Friday and left for home after class. We only came home later in the evening to find him dangling from the ceiling of his room.

“He was a very quiet boy who took his academics very serious. He didn’t go out and never showed any sign of depression whatsoever,’’ the source said.

Please 🙏 on InformationHood and anyone reading this, kindly know that nothing is worth taking your precious life for. If feel depress! Try talk to someone and if possible you don’t have anyone to talk to please contact someone on this platform to share your pain, we’re all one here. Don’t take a precious life biko.  

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Written by Celestina Sero

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