6 Important Things You Should Know Before Applying For Universities Scholarship

Before applying for any scholarship especially in a university home or abroad there are certain things you should know before applying for any such opportunities. Do you know that there are a lot of other things you should be asking. Just think of everything which you would want to know about a university you might be studying at (especially one in a completely different country from your own). In these article we listed out some things we think is very important for you to know before applying for any scholarships.

6 Important Things You Should Know Before Applying For Universities Scholarship

6 Important Things You Should Know Before Applying For Universities Scholarship

1. Where can I live

Do you know that accommodation is very important, and is very important to know what accommodation the institution is offering. Is this accommodation on or off-campus? You should also put this in mind whether the accommodation is expensive or not and what’s included, and who will support you is there to find accommodation off-campus these are some of the things you should know about were you will live.

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2. What’s the international student body like

What proportion of students currently enrolled are from overseas?  you know that you will meet order student there that are from other countries do these students come from?  you should also ask if there are many students from your own country? If so, are there any specific clubs or societies which are tailored to students from here? These are some question you should ask about the international student body like.

3. How is the course taught

Is the course taught through lectures, lab work or seminars, you should also be aware if the students are in these classes are many. What is the structure of a normal lecture/seminar? Will you work independently, or with one or more students as part of group-work? How many hours can you expect to spend on campus each week? Does this include face-time with your professors in their office hours? these are what you should ask about.

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4. What would you study specifically on a course

Can you get some specific details on the material you’ll be studying i.e. specific authors or cases. And how much depth would you go into, Do you get to choose the modules you take or is there a core curriculum which is mandatory for everyone? these are what you should know.

5. What have previous graduates on this course gone on to do

Make sure you that if the university have any notable alumni in your field, What companies or organisations are these alumni now working for which you might be able to apply to later too? Could you get work experience with one of these companies or alongside one of these individuals? Are there any unusual paths which graduates have gone down which might not be obvious?

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6. What’s the local area like

Why should you study in that region? What are the main attractions? Is there much of a nightlife? How easy is it to get around by public transport? Is it a major student town, or a mix of ages and backgrounds? These are very important.

We have come to the end of the post, if you have any question you can drop your comment below on the comment box and if you want a scholarship to study overseas and you discover that the institution you’re interested in is offering on which meets all your needs remember to read this post all over.


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