4 Things We Don’t Like About ONTV Nigeria

OnTV is one of the standing free TV channels in Nigeria, Lagos state to be precisely. ONTV now have ONMAX on GoTV and some other pay to watch satellite cables that shows almost same programs with the free ONTV. Below are some of the recent activities we don’t really like.

The channel gain fast audience likeness due to their amazing graphics and good quality program/movie series. Though we acknowledge that the TV Channel is great, but there are some areas they need to work at. We have recently find that the channels has change activities and some of their recent put up is quite annoying from our prospective. We are no1 ONTV fan that is why we were able to pick the annoying part of the channel at this time, which we believe if amended could be of good improvement to the company.

4 Things We Do not Like About ONTV Nigeria

Ontv Nigeria

1. Too much advert at a time

Recently we notice that ONTV can show up to 6 adverts and even repeat some of them over on when they went on a break, these makes some people get tired of the program or movie they were watching and swift channels, who knows what they might see at the other channel, how interesting it could be, advert is good and sometimes needed but if not done properly it can make your loose traffic a.k.a viewers. The fact that they are showing interesting program should not make them advertise 4 to 6 advert at a time and even repeat some of them over again, if these keep repeating itself then you are getting the money and losing the viewers which could result to losing the money later on.

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2. Showing more than 4 india and Philippine programs a day

For God sake we are Nigerians and we are here in Nigeria, we expect you to show us our programs of movies by 75% not watching different India and Philippines programs the whole day. You must have no that men don’t have time for watching love movies, so if doing it then you are doing it for some of the ladies. Believe me, men are the head of the house and whose ever channel pleases him the whole family will watch Lol.

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3. Showing Meaningless Tribe stuff

I was watching ONTV recently when Tribe automatically short the screen with something i don’t understand, showing me someone who is on bike and end just like that. These happen more than 5 times before the program i was watching finish. In case they don’t know, those TRIBE stuff are very annoying and none of your viewer is pleased with it due to complaints from other of your viewers, there is no sense in that at all you can make a change.

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4. Replacing action movies with Philippine movies

Before now ONTV use to show action movie at 4 – 6pm but we have notice that ONTV has recently replace that program with Philippine movie. To me and my friends, we enjoy those action movies you use to show and i believe some other men out there also like those programs as well, i don’t know why ONTV decided to just keep showing only India and Philippines movie all day.

This is little review from Serome end which could help the company grow better, if we don’t like ONTV we won’t spend time writing these review as no one is paying for it. A change to these issues will make a great impact as ONTV as it already won the heart of many Lagosians and part of Ogun.


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  1. oluwapelumi

    u always repeat episodes, if u don’t want us to watch d film to d end,y show it, Na una go repeat Yoruba, India a and English movies,ur repitation is too much, if una no ready to show us any entertainment den kip it to itself

  2. Olayinka Odusegun

    Can you please show the Philippine films on Gotv please.

  3. Annonymous

    Dont know why they keep goin back repeating same episode in for your love india movie. So annoying

  4. Adeoluwa Mich

    This is a nice post which I rated 5 complete stars…. I hate does adverts just cause they are too much…Repeat detol adverts like 5times is nonsense….Who detol help abeg? And base on those India and Philippines stuff, they r so annoying… b4 I use to enjoy my lovely action movies cause am a fanz as well, but I don’t know y they just concluded and change better offer for nonsense…we are Nigerian for crying out loud pls.. Repeating a particular Yoruba movies every time z another problem on dz channel.. let’s HV the latest movie update pls… I know u guy won’t work on dz but when u start loosing out fanz, maybe by then u will understand better.

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