4 Best Water Dispensers in Nigeria and their Prices

What is the best water dispenser in Nigeria and how much does it cost? If this is your question then I want to take some time to answer you today with my personal experience and research.

There are so many water dispensers currently in Nigeria and sorting for the best among all should be a buyer concern. Below are the best water dispensers currently in Nigeria.

Best Water Dispenser in Nigeria and Their Prices

1. CWAY Water Dispenser RUBY 4 ₦47,700


Cway Water Dispenser

Cway water dispensing system(s) is a revolutionary way of drinking water, This Water Dispenser is well designed in a fancy body that will fit in your home or office. It has easy heat elimination and rust free stainless steel cold tank. The new improved cway water dispenser has double doors and two way dispensing outlets that dispense hot and cold water, it has a water collector and a replaceable puncture pencil. It includes fridge/freezer in the compartment below where you can store items such as fruits, soft drinks and beverages. It also has an automatic temperature control mechanism as well as an energy saving mechanism. It also has a sterilizer in it that filters water so that you can drink very clean water.

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  • Fridge and Freezer incorporated
  • Double door
  • Child Lock
  • Hot and Cold
  • Water Tray

This dispenser has a very good review.

2. Haier Thermocool Water Dispenser – HD-85C ₦37,000

Best water dispenser in Nigeria - Haier Thermocool Water Dispenser


This dispenser has the feature of cold, normal and hot water. The Thermocool HD-85C Water Dispenser has a professional look with practical achievement. In terms of water, hot and cold water taps are provided to deliver whatever quantity of water you need. In terms of storage, a compartment is also included to house cups, mugs or other small items of your choice You can check below for some of its features.


  • Hot, Warm and Cold Water Tap
  • Refrigerator Compartment
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Signal Light
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3. Sushito Water Dispenser ₦35,900


best water dispenser in Nigeria- Sushito Water Dispenser

Sushito Water Dispenser is a great water dispenser that has great features and lasts long. With this water dispenser your cold, hot, warm water is guaranteed. This water dispenser has three taps that dispense cold, hot, and normal water as you want it. Below are its features:


  • 3 Taps, Hot, Normal & Cold
  • Compressor Cooling
  • Refrigerator
  • Easy to Push Buttons
  • Push Buttons are on Top for Children Safety
  • Sterilization Protection
  • Heating Power of 550W, 5L, 85-95 Degrees Celcius
  • Cooling Power of 100W, 2L, 5-10 Degrees Celcius

4. Nexus Water Dispenser NX-015 ₦36,000


The  Nexus Water Dispenser NX-015 Water Dispenser is another great water dispenser in Nigeria, this dispenser is efficient, durable and easy to use. It has some great features as listed below:


  • With Freezer Compartment
  • High Quality Steel Water Tanks
  • Very easy to Use Push Tap
  • Auto Temperature Control
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This are the best water dispensers currently in Nigeria that will almost make you forget fridge.


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