Top 10 Best Free WordPress Share Plugins 2018

On this article we are going to take a look at the best wordpress share plugins that will help you to grow your blog easily. WordPress is one of the best free blogging platform that gives bloggers best experience creating a blog. currently wordpress has millions of blogs and websites covered world wide

WordPress has thousands of developers, developing plugins and themes daily that give wordpress blogs more advance features.

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On this article we will be looking at best wordpress share plugins that enable your wordpress blog or websites user or visitors to share your contents on their social media’s.

Top 10 Best Free WordPress Share Plugins 2018

best wordpress share plugins

Sharing your content on other social medias is very important if you which to grow your blog better. On this article are tools to enable you grow your blog or website on social medias. This are the best wordpress share buttons at 2016.

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List of WordPress Share Plugins

  1. Sharify Social Share Buttons
  2. Cresta Social Share Counter
  3. Jetpack – Sharing
  4. Shareaholic | share buttons & related posts
  5.  Social Media Feather
  6.  Share Button Mashshare
  7.  Floating Social Bar
  8.  DC Simple Share Buttons
  9. Share buttons by AddToAny
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This is the 10 best free wordpress social media sharing plugins that enable you grow your blog or website easily letting your visitors to share what they like with their friends on the social media.


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