Most Expensive Cities in Nigeria: Costly cities 2016

You might likely want to know the most expensive cities in Nigeria that is why we put together this list of most expensive cities in Nigeria. the list below are according to the finding result in 2016.

most expensive cities in nigeria

On this list are most expensive cities in Nigeria

Nigeria being the fastest growing country in West Africa has some major cities that are quite expensive to stay in and to visit.

The Most Expensive Cities in Nigeria Are

  1. Abuja
  2. Port Harcourt
  3. Calaba
  4. Enugu
  5.  Owere
  6. Warri
  7. Lagos
  8. Bayesa 
  9. Asaba

1. Abuja
This comes as no surprise, Abuja is an expensive city even by world standards. Politicians who have made Abuja their abode have an unending stash that drive up prices. With record-breaking real estate costs. A detached 6 bedroom duplex in Maitama or Asokoro goes for anything from 500 million to 1 billion naira!! (Google is your friend). Food is more affordable, so far it is not processed. Of course there are less expensive suburbs but you have to endure longer commutes to the city centre.

most expensive city in Nigeria abuja


2. Port Harcourt
This is the highest oil-producing state in Nigeria. Things are expensive here because of the notion that everyone living in the city is making “oil money”. There is an influx of people to the city on a daily basis, just to find a greener pasture. It’s a place with a very accommodating weather except for the rain which can be frustrating at times. Food items, fruits and vegetables and accommodation are the most expensive things in this city. Private schools are also not left out as they charge exorbitantly.

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port-harcourt most expensive cities in Nigeria


3. Calabar

This is a city that attracts a lot of tourists. This city has always been a center of attraction since it was made the capital city of Nigeria. Because of the presence of things like Tinapa resort, Obudu mountain resort and a host of others, with events like carnival have always made the city to attract tourist. And with the friendly environment (good weather and neat environment), there is an influx of people to the city all year round. Even when the city ceased to be the capital city of Nigeria it still remains a center of attraction because of its resources. And this makes things to be quite expensive in the city.

calabar city

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4. Enugu

This city is experiencing a real estate boom and what many residents took for granted in terms of rent, is beginning to bite. Enugu’s improved road network, security and international airport together with its regional status, continues to attract wealthy retirees and returnees. This has slowly started driving up prices. Labour and food are still relatively affordable.

most beautiful cities in Nigeria - enugu

5. Owerri

This city is the most expensive city in Nigeria today because of the rate the population is growing. This is due to the presence of many schools in the city. And the high rate of development in the state.

owere - most beautiful cities in Nigeria


6. Warri

This is one most beautiful  city in Delta state. This city is quite similar to PH. The presence of the refinery/oil sector has made the cost of living here well above other Nigerian cities. Things are so expensive in warri.

warri city - most beautiful cities in Nigeria

7. Lagos

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The largest commercial hub and the largest metropolitan area in Africa is an expensive city to live in right now in Nigeria. Being a mega city, what is obtainable in Lgos cannot be compared with what we have in its neighboring state like Ogun and Oyo states respectively. Transportation is one of the most expensive things in Lagos especially if you have to take a drop to where you have to go. lagos is considered Nigeria most expensive country in Nigeria.

lagos state - most beautiful cities in Nigeria

The major occupations in the State are fishing, farming, palm oil milling, lumbering, palm wine tapping, local gin making, trading, carving and weaving. The state is blessed with an abundant supply of crude oil and she has other mineral resources such as Natural Gas, Fine Sand and Clay (used in pottery and porcelain production). Things wild expensive in Bsyelsa.



Asaba is located in delta state, as a mater of fact asaba is the capital of delta. according to research, asaba is 9 most expensive cities in Nigeria. This city has an airport and recognized as an oil state among the Nigeria oil industry.

asaba city in nigeria

These are the most expensive cities in Nigeria.

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  • Harison

    What is lagos doing at No. 8? Are you trying to say warri is more expensive than lagos? I consider Lagos even more expensive than all other Nigeria cities currently this 2016.

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