What is Email Marketing

Welcome to informationhood.com many of might have heard of Email marketing and how it is being used to expand businesses, below are the following guidelines you could use.

Email Marketing in Business

Email marketing is a means of expanding your business by sending commercial messages to a group of people or one person via mail. This is an important tool used for business since the existence of the internet in this world, it has really grown fast in the technology world we are presently in now. Through your mail, you get various files, keep documents and even chats. The email marketing is a kind of direct marketing as a means of communicating commercially to your clients where every mail sent to a client is regarded as email marketing, the purpose of this is to establish a strong relationship between you and the other party which might be your client, this form builds trust and encourages fidelity in your business.

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This form of marketing helps to solicit your business through your adverts, business ideas or by persuading your customers in your sales with the hope of building brand awareness. The emails could be forwarded to a lead list of customers in your database so as to improve the relationship between the business owner and the customers and also a means of getting new customers through the random emails sent and adverts.

Ever since email marketing to place it has been an efficient means of communication but some users start blocking out the contents through filters and other means of blocking, so a better way of forwarding your messages without been filtered was developed over time to stop the blockage.

Below are the simple ways of using the email in your business:

  1. Have a Database:

Before introducing this to your business try to have a database of your clients both existing and previous, families and friends, don’t be discourage when starting it might seem stressful. You could start by putting a sign-up sheet or including an online sign-up form for the website so as to get your customers sign-up with ease and that will automatically be saved in your database, to ensure proper delivery of your messages to them.

  1. Get a good network provider:
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To start your business, you need to get a good email marketing service provider so as to leverage email marketing automation and to deliver the messages appropriately to a large group of people or your customers. You could also benefit from it through email templates that would teach you how to grow, manage your list and track features to show who is opening or engaging with messages.

  1. Understand your Clients:

For this kind of business understanding your clients is very important. Try to understand their messages or pictures they respond to through this you are building a good rapport between you and your clients. You could learn this on google by reading through ‘customer relation’, you could your Facebook insights to know what your clients are interested in which a good starting point for knowing your clients.

  1. Write to your mail:
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Setting up a mail is very important and how creatively structured it would also matter, remember they say the first impression matters a lot, ensure your message begins with a warm greeting, interactive lines and very persuasive which is the major part of your message. You could use this outline

  • Headline; Greetings and what you are offering
  • Body: How your message would help the reader.
  • Call to action: What they should do next.
  • Conclusion: Your contact.

Using this outline would give a smooth message to your clients.


Forwarding of emails to clients helps to reach out to your clients swiftly with personalized and important messages and this will definitely bump up your business.



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