UK Used Laptop Vs New Laptop in Nigeria, See The Best To Go For

On this article we are going to review UK used Laptop vs New Laptop in Nigeria and tell you the best you should buy. If you are troubled making a choice then just chill and read on. UK Used Laptop and new laptop in Nigeria which one is better?

This is one of the trouble laptop buyers are experiencing in Nigeria, the question could be easy to ask but really the answer is not as easy as it looks. At a point when you want to buy laptop, you could have double mind which would even be better to go for.

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On this article i want to clear your doubt on any the laptop, if you are having double mind on which laptop to go for this article will get you on e right track.

A friend some time last year ask, what could be the possible problem of buying already UK used laptop in Nigeria and to which would you recommend?.

What could be your answer? Many people think that new laptop in Nigeria are always the best to go for why few knew that it close to a risk. Uk/America Used Laptop is the best choice to make if you can be diligent enough to buy a good UK used laptop, There so many advantage why going for tokunbo laptop in Nigeria.

UK Used Laptop vs New Laptop in Nigeria, Which One Is The Best To Buy

From experience we highly recommended UK Used laptop instead of new. The reason is not only to save you some cash but to as well give you the best experience ever. If you have bought a new laptop more than twice before you should be able to tell why some new laptops are troublesome, as they used to say, new things are not always the best huh. Below let’s have some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage of Buying New Laptop in Nigeria

  • Comes with carton
  • Comes with charger
  • Some Comes with Bag
  • Good lasting battery
  • Some comes with warranty

New Laptop in Nigeria Comes With Carton

This is for sure that when you are buying a new laptop the carton is expected, the laptop will be park in carton in a lovely way. Most of the bands has designing. The carton actually mean nothing to the used of the laptop, it just a sample that you bought new laptop and most time you would want to drop it on the trash when get home.

New Laptop in Nigeria Comes With Charger

This is something that new laptop can never miss, almost all new laptops come with adapter to charge the laptop known as charger. Using another brand charger has always known to be dangerous to your laptop. Note that even new charger can get burnt at any time, when ever this happen you advice to go get another charger of same brand a voltage from computer accessories shop. There are so many computer accessories shop in Nigeria.

New Laptop in Nigeria Comes With Laptop Bag

Though some laptops come with a laptop bag before, it very rare to find a laptop that comes with it bag these days, almost close to none. But luckily yours could be possible. Note that laptop bag are everywhere in Nigeria and can be archive with just little amount of money from N2000 – N4000 Naira.

New Laptop in Nigeria Has Long Lasting Battery

New laptop battery is supposed to last long, but not all of them last long any more. The only thing to expect is to be sure your laptop don’t go off immediately a power supply goes of. In Nigeria we need our laptop to last for 10hours which is not possible. If not for the bad power supply in Nigeria, laptops where not made to last for 6-10 hours. The main purposes of making a battery in laptop is to enable you save your work soon as power goes of and for a little use in where there is no power supply such as beach etc. But in Nigeria here we poor out our anger of power failure on our laptop battery for not lasting millions of hours.

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Some New Laptops in Nigeria Comes With Warranty

Warranty is when the seller or company is giving you a time period that is any issue arise on the item you are free to come back for fixing or change. Warranty is almost to be sure of when you are buying new laptops but note that not all the warranty works. And you can as well void the warranty with just a little temper with the laptop. Be aware that warranty is as giving you full assurance that you will get better experience on the item, but due to electronic reason where anything can happen at anytime they will admit to any internal fault that occurs within the given time. Warranty in most cases doesn’t cover refund. You could get exchange with same type and brand and have your fix.

Disadvantages of Buying New Laptop in Nigeria

  • Spending 60% higher than Uk Used Laptop Amount
  • Risk of buying refurbish without knowing it.
  • Risk of not getting the parts in market
  • Risk of buying fake immigration brand

Spending 60% higher than Uk Used Laptop Amount

It for sure when you are buying new laptop you will definitely spend higher amount, this is known as wasting money on same item you could have got for very low amount. You can get hp probook 6455b for N39,000 Naira, while if you decide to go for new of it, you will spend N110,000 Naira. Both of them serve same purposes and all function are same in new and uk used laptop of sam model. If you care for the neatness, there are some UK used laptops that are very neat just like new. You can check on uk used laptops shops for neat one and save some money for something else. In this current Nigeria economic it’s a totally waste of money buying new laptop. Note: if you have the cash, nothing stop you from buying new laptop.

Risk of Buying Refurbish Laptop

There is 65% chances that you will end up buying a refurbish laptop when are going for a new laptop. Even the big computer shops are selling a refurbish laptop without them even knowing it. Refurbish laptop is a laptop that was not normally produce or a laptop that got faulty after production and was sent back to the company for refurbishing. In must time the company will decide selling the laptop out for cheaper amount. The could sell for 30% cheaper. The bad thing here is that Nigeria computer dealers prefer going for it, reason is because they will still sell it out same amount as new then make more profit. If you buy a refurbish laptop there is every reason that your laptop will not serve you well as suppose and the lives sperm of it is very shot.

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Most new laptops their parts are not yet in the market. If you should buy such laptop you stand a chance of buying another laptop again soon as you have issue with it. Most time you could some common problem with your laptop such as breaking screen, vga issue, flex problem etc. What if parts to replace them are not yet in the market?. This is the reason you should better go for UK or American Used laptop that the parts are already in the market.

Risk of Buying Fake/Imitation Brand

Just as you know that there are fake brands on phone, such as brand that will claim to be hp main while it not original hp product but a fake. 20% chances of buying fake product in the market as of today. While buying new laptop be careful you don’t fall for that.

Advantage of Buying a UK or American Used Laptop in Nigeria

  • Saving 60% cost
  • Getting a strong laptop
  • Getting a Latest laptop
  • Full assurance of getting the spare parts in market

You Can Save 60% Cost Buying UK Used Laptop

UK used laptops are the most affordable laptops in Nigeria, there is every chance that you will save up to 60% or more when you are buying uk used laptop in Nigeria. There are many shops out there selling UK Used laptops at affordable price. You can pay a visit to any of the shops or if you are in Lagos you can as well visit UK used laptop warehouses, it more cheaper there. We know of one warehouse you can get a good laptop at affordable prices.

You Can Get Getting a Stronger Laptop When Buying UK Used Laptop

The best way to get a stronger laptop is going for a UK used laptop, reasons is because it has been used before and still strong unlike the new which you don’t know when it go faulty. When we talk of getting a laptop that will serve you longer UK used is the best to go for.

You Will Getting The Latest Laptop When Buying UK Used Laptop In Nigeria

You wouldn’t have believe if you were told that you will get the latest laptop when you for UK used. Good, but now we are telling you that the best way to get the latest laptop is when you are buying UK used laptop. Reason is because most of the laptops in UK and American are not here in Nigeria, some of them are too expensive for Nigerian new laptop dealers to afford, or they might have the mindset that if the should purchase such expensive laptop, they won’t sell it fast because some cost nothing less than N400,000 Naira.

This kind of laptops can come into the country as UK used and will be affordable because someone in uk who bought can decide to sell it cheap to people purchasing uk used laptops. This is the reason why most of the latest laptops in Nigeria came in first as UK used.

Full Assurance Of Getting Laptop Spare Parts In Nigeria

Without getting your laptop part/accessories in Nigeria the laptop is half dead because the day it develop fault then will be the last day of the laptop. It important to make sure the laptop you are buying has spare parts in the market as to easily get it fix when ever it start acting funny.

Almost all laptops you can get as uk used has their spare parts in Nigeria. This is one of the reason uk used laptop is recommended.

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Disadvantages of UK Used Laptop in Nigeria

As well we could find advantages for buying uk used laptop in Nigeria so there is also disadvantage of buying it as well but the good thing is that when the disadvantage does not over power the advantage then you are good to go with it.

Weak battery

Low battery backup is one of the common issue with and disadvantage of buying UK used laptop in Nigeria. The reason is because the laptop has been used before, and the more you use laptop the more the battery is reducing it power. Never the less there are good uk used laptops that has 3-4hours battery backup. It only mater if yours will be up to that. Our advice is that when buying UK used laptop, be sure to ask the seller how long the battery will last you. If your battery is not lasting long there is a solution for that also, just get a new laptop battery, it will cost you nothing more than N4,000. There is a warehouse we will recommend for you to buy your UK and American used laptop in Lagos. Their laptops are very cheap and strong. Their laptop battery are 3hours and above because they buy first grade uk laptops to resell in Nigeria.

Where To Buy Uk Used Laptops In Nigeria

To buy your Uk used laptop you need a good source that will give you full assurance of it. There are thousands of uk used laptop dealers in Nigeria and almost 85% of theme are buying from warehouses that import direct in Lagos. If you want to deal on laptops you can as well start by buying from those warehouses.

Conclusion: Both Uk Used and New laptops are ok depending on which you can afford since both can serve you better. The choice remains yours.
Some UK Used Laptop sales warehouses also sell to end users as well. This making it cheaper than buying from those guys at computer village. We know many of the warehouses in Lagos but only one of them we always buy from that is trustworthy. We wouldn’t have recommended any on this article but to save you some cash on this economy we have no option but to recommend the best and trustworthy uk laptop warehouse in Lagos Nigeria which we also .

Shopinverse Is The Best UK USED

Shopinverse computers is one of the biggest and most affordable uk laptop warehouse in Lagos. Over 200 retailers in Nigeria, Ghana and coutonu visit to buy and resell. Most UK used laptop sellers in computer village buy from them.

They have warehouse in Nigerian Army Shopping Arena Oshodi and Ladipo. You can get a laptop for as cheap as 25k upward. They are the best and trustworthy direct uk laptop importer warehouse we can recommend for our readers. And they are located in a very secure environment, in Nigerian Army Shopping Complex.

Their Address: 09 Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Bolade Bus Stop Oshodi Lagos Nigeria
Phone Number: 08059844173
Opening Hours: 10AM – 6PM
Working Days: Monday – Saturday

For guide how to locate the Nigeria army shopping arena visit How to get to Nigerian Army Shopping Arena Oshodi Bolade

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