Turn off windows 7 automatic update easily

This article will show you how to turn off windows 7 automatic update easily, we will be listing some reason you might want to turn off windows auto update on your computer.

How to turn off windows auto update

For some reason you might consider turning auto update off. When your computer windows update is turn on you might be experiencing automatic swift off on your the computer frequently when ever the computer feels there is a new update which need to be installed, it will automatically installed the software and runs the software by restarting the computer so the new update can work properly. In this case you might lost some important document which you have not yet save. and auto update can also exhaust your data/mb quickly. There are many reason known to you that could let you turn off your computer auto update.

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To turn off windows 7 automatic update easily.

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1. Click on the windows start menu


2. Type services.msc and click enter. a popup will come out asking you if you want this program to make a change to your computer, click ‘Yes

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3. Look for windows update and double click it.


4. On the general option click stop and set the Startup type to disable and click ‘OK’

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Congrats you have successfully turn off your computer auto update.

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