How to Travel from Lagos to Auchi / Jattu, Transportion Fare & Best Transport Company to Use

Lagos to Auchi

Want to know how you can travel from Lagos to Auchi or jattu? I have been asked so many times, how do i travel from Lagos to auchi, and the most people that asked me this question were almost all student who school in Auchi poly or have interest to school at Auchi at the polytechnic of Auchi. On this post i will show you how you can travel to auchi from Lagos, the transfer fare cost and the transportation to use. Read below

Lagos to Auchi

How To Travel From Lagos To Auchi / Jattu, Transportion Fare & Best Transport Company To Use

Auchi is a community located somewhere Edo state. The community name is Auchi and it happen that one of the best polytechnic in Nigeria  is located there. What ever your reason of travelling to Auchi polytechnic is, this post is meant to show you how you can get to Auchi community of Edo state. This post will not work for those who which to travel with their own vehicle, my post focus to help only those who planned to travel through a commercial vehicle known as public motor.

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To travel to Auchi, go to any transportation company that you are ok with and request for a ticket to Auchi. There are so many transportation companies in Nigeria that travel to Auchi and one of the most popular one of it is God is Good motors. Learn how to book God is Good Motors ticket online here.

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There are so many others road side bus that as well travel to Auchi.

How Much Is Transport Fare From Lagos To Auchi?

The transport fare of Lagos to Auchi depend on the transportation company you decided to use, the last time check, God is Good Motors Auchi fare price was N4,600 Naira, The road side fare cost was N3,500 Naira.

Best Transportation Company To Use for Travelling to Auchi

As i have said earlier on, God is Good Motors is the best to use when travelling to Auchi, reason is because it will take you direct to Auchi without any further complaint of inability to get to Auchi that may required swapping you to another vehicle. Even if you are the only on that is going down to Auchi, the driver must surely get you there. There are other lovely reasons as well which are A.C though the whole journey. Careful driving and comfortable journey.

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This is all i can be able to cover on this post, if you have further question or something to add to this post don’t hesitate using the comment box below.


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