Top 5 Tourist Centres in Nigeria

Do you want to know lovely places you can visit whenever you are in Nigeria? Informationhood brings to you top 5 tourist centres in Nigeria. So check below for top tourist centers in Nigeria

Nigeria is a lovely country blessed with abundant human and natural resources. There are places in Nigeria that are absolutely stunning. The top 5 places in no order of ranking are:

Tourist Centres in Nigeria


Regarded as the domain of the goddess of fertility Osun, the Osun Sacred Groove is the last remnants of a primary forest in Southern Nigeria. Osun-Osogbo groove is part of the National Tourism development masterplan thus it has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Endeavour to visit the Osun-Osogbo Groove located in Osogbo, Osun state.
OSUN OSOGBO GROOVE - Tourist Centres in Nigeria

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Located in Avhum,Enugu state, Avhum boasts of a lake, monastery and waterfall. Water cascades over the  top of the waterfall forming a stream. Awhum has now become a religious tourist site.

AVHUM WATERFALLS - tourist centres in Nigeria








This is a resort located on the Obudu Plateau in Cross River state. Deep in the tropical rainforests of Cross River state, Obudu Resort has the most serene and lovely scenes anywhere in Nigeria. It possesses a temperate climate and inviting natural environment

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This is a sand Beach located in Akwa ibom state. The beach stretches from James town to the Atlantic. It is the longest beach in West Africa covering over 2kilometers. The wonderful thing about this beach is that its sands have been stable over a long period of time without receding with tide.

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Ibeano beach is a lovely tourist spot for fishing, relaxation and peace of mind.ibeo-beac







Located within the ChappalWaddi mountain, ChappalWendu Mountain and Mountain of Wind in Taraba state, Gashaki Gumpti National park offers a fascinating glimpse of medievil times in Nigeria. It is Nigeria’s largest and most diversified park.







So when you are in Nigeria, endeavor to pay a visit to one of these tourist sites.

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