Top 5 Best Perfumes for ladies and Women in Nigeria

As Nigerians will always say, looking good is a good business. It obvious that Nigeria is among the leading fashionable countries. Many people in Nigeria can’t leave the house without using their favorite fragrance could. The question is that have you took time to know house suitable it looks on you?

Top 5 Best Perfumes for ladies and Women in Nigeria

Bad fragrance can be devastating and no to talk about how uncomfortable it could make others around your event center. Chosen that the best perfume is something you shouldn’t ignore. Don’t just use any perfume because you think the price is ok with you.

In addition do you know that perfume have health complications that can lead to serous health problem if not chose your perfume carefully. According to research Some perfume can lead allergic reactions or hormone disruption. There are basically 5 chemical in perfumes that can course health problem but if you are someone who have much interest on perfumes, the only way to stay out of risk is getting the right perfume and spare some days of usage.

Below are the 5 best perfume for ladies and women you can find in Nigeria.

Rihanna Rogue Perfume

Rihanna Rogue PerfumeThis is one of the best perfume in Nigeria and has been on the market for quite a while now. Rihanna presents Rogue, her forth fragrance for women, in September 2013. The fragrance is announced as a flirtatious and sensual oriental, containing accords of lemon blossom, cyclamen, jasmine, rose, plum and suede over a base of musk, woods, patchouli, vanilla and amber.

This perfume is not affordable if compared with others but you will surely get the best enticing fragrance from it. Rihanna Rogue curent price on Jumia is 21,450. Note that there is fake of this perfume.  The right place to get the original is from top cosmetics shops. To know if you got the right one, check the fragrance quality.

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC 125ml For Women – Perfume

5th Avenue NYC perfumeThis is certainly one of the best perfume out there. This perfume has internationals reputation and has been pick severally as the best perfume.

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Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC perfume was launched as a limited edition dedicated to modern, dynamic and elegant woman, reflecting the energy and enthusiasm of the city using a timeless game of black with glamorous details in gold.

According to research the perfume was  inspired by New York City’s most exclusive neighborhoods. It has been women dreamy, which contain delicious fragrance that exudes an aura of freshness. The Eau de Perfume distills the enthusiasm of the Big Apple and is full of energy and contrast.

The perfume features wonderful medley of the juiciest fruits, fresh flowers, warm woods, golden extracts, and aromatic spices that leave an unforgettable trail every time you wear it.

The price of 5th Avenue NYC Perfume on Jumia is 15,500 while on konga it’s ₦27,999. When we check it on international markets 5th Avenue NYC perfume we find it at $32.30 on eBay and £25.92 on amazon.

Buy from quality cosmetic stores to avoid buying the fake brand.

Pink Chiffon 100ml – Perfume

Pink Chiffon perfume Looking for nice perfume at an affordable price in Nigeria? Pink Chiffon by Bath and Body which was launched in 2012 Works is an Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Top notes are mandarin orange, peach, pear and wild berries; middle notes are jasmine, tiare flower, apple blossom and water-lily; base notes are musk, sandalwood, heliotrope, coconut, orchid and vanilla.

On our research we find Pink Chiffon perfume on jumia with a price tag of 7,999. The perfume can be obtained from high cosmetic shops in Nigeria and price could be cheaper.

According to amazon discretion on this product “Taste the forbidden fruit through Avon Forbidden Instinct! The perfume is a combination of floral-fruity, lemon peel, red fruits, vanilla that. Follow your instinct and fulfill your desires in the company of a charming composition of citrus, red fruits and flower petals.

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Enjoy the summer sun which shines by palm leaves. Trust your instincts, which tells you be submissive to the seductive beauty of the forbidden fruit.”

Indeed according to amazon discretion, the perfume worth more of it as it has proven itself.  The perfume is an international brand and can be obtained in almost or good cosmetic shops in Nigeria.

Elizabeth Arden Beauty EDP For Women 100ml  – Perfume

Elizabeth Arden Arden Beauty EDP Spray 3.3oz Womens Women's Perfume

Again here is another affordable and durable perfume you wouldn’t want to miss if you don’t have money for those listed above. A noble, pure & very unique fragrance Gives you the most freshest moments of the day Embodying sensuality & femininity ensures lasting quality Embraces with an exciting twist on floral Suitable for day or evening wear. This brand work perfect and has great fragrance that won’t stop the people talking of your sweet smell. It has this kind of romantic fragrance, it smell amazing, soft and romantically.

Elizabeth Arden Beauty Perfume is an international brand. From our research we find that it’s been produced by same company that produce the NYC Perfume which is the 2nd perfume listed on this page. This perfume is on sale in almost all the international shops, and it so expensive in some countries. But the lovely thing is that, this Elizabeth ArdenBeauty perfume is affordable in Nigeria market.

You can order this perfume from any of your suitable cosmetic shop around you, or place order online at some big shop such as eBay, Amazon, Jumia or Konga.

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Giorgio Pink (Special Edition) EDP For Her 100ml – Perfume

Giorgio Pink (Special Edition) EDP For Her- 100mlThis is another amazing perfume with lovely fragrance, if you are lady that love the lovely smell out there, you won’t want to miss this. The lovely thing about this perfume is that it seem affordable as gives amazing smell. with a little stray of it, it last the whole days and leave the fragrance there on your cloth for long period of time. It not considered harmful yet, but still it not an international brand. On our research we find that the brand is currently selling only in Nigeria. You can get this perfume in almost all cosmetic shops in Nigeria. If you have an idea of how to order items online, you can purchase it from jumia.

This price of this perfume Giorgio Pink (Special Edition) EDP For Her is N7000N9000 naira, depending on where you are buying it from.

This is the list of nice perfume we can cover on this post, note that there might still be others better than those listed here, but this are the best which we could be able to get hold of, from experience and research.


All that it advisable to seek and heed an advise of your doctor before using any perfume so you don’t take the risk of health because of perfume usage as most perfume have been made of substance that contain health risk. Thanks for visiting informationhood. if you have any question that required urgent reply, use our Question Section Here and ask your question or use the comment below.



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