Top 10 Trending Instagram Accounts in Nigeria

Are you in search to know the top instagram accounts in Nigeria? This is something so many people are in search for also. One of the reason you may be asking this question could be because you want to follow the right people to get reasonable trending updates, if you are not in search for the right instagram page to promote your product on in Nigeria.

On this article we will be providing you with the top instagram accounts in Nigeria with huge amount of followers, they are also known as the top influencers in Nigeria should in case you are also interested in promoting your business on any of these instagram pages.

Top Instagram Accounts in Nigeria

Top Instagram Accounts in Nigeria

1 @Tundeenut 1.7 million followers

The Word Of God
Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand

Tunde Ednut is a Nigeria musician and was ones a radio presenter who now find his fortune on instagram, since music didn’t favour him. Tundeednut is not the one with the highest followers in Nigeria on instagram but he has the most engaging instagram page. Tunde Ednut now takes instagram updating as his daily job. You can not be bored following Tunde Ednut as he always update things happening within the country and funny things around the globe.

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At the time of writing this post, Tunde Ednut has over 1.7 Million followers and all are engaging. Tunde Ednut post gets over 5k plus comment of each post and over 500k likes.

2 @Instablog9ja – 2.3 Million followers

Instablog is a blog that find favour on instagram and today has become one of the informative passing instagram page in Nigeria. It’s incomplete for a Nigerian not to be following this instagram page. All the celebrities in the country are currently following instablog9ja for updates. Several attempt to find out the owner of the account which has been put to trail, all yield no valid result. The owner of instablog remains in the ghost mode. If you wish to get update of all the troubles happening around the country then instablog is the best instagram account to follow as most of it content are problems and trouble roaming in the country.

3 @Wizkidayo – 8.1 Million followers

Wizkid is a musical celebrity in Nigeria. He is now recognized as one of the top artist in the country. Wizkid is also very active on instagram and by following wizkid you are to find some interesting thing about him which he post daily basics.

4 @Donjazzy – 6.8 Million Followers

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Donjazzy is one of the best music producer in Nigeria that own the best and top record label in Nigeria. Donjazzy can as well be classified as a musical artist as well. He has been helping and promoting young talented Nigerians who has great talent for music.

5 @Janemena – 899k followers

When it comes to ladies she is one of the most engaging lady on instagram with amazing moves and dance step. Janemena practice a waist dance which is so romantic. Above all she got the support of her amazing husband. Janemena has the most female engaging instagram account that one can’t feel boring on. She is been used mostly for promoting fashion and skin care products due to her beautiful model looks.

6 @Mr.Jollof – 452k followers

Mr Jollof is an MC. He got popular and loved on instagram through fighting for the greatness of the country and mostly his home city Warri in Delta state, Aside sticking with the truth, Mr Jollof also presents some funny act to entertain his followers and make n happy. Following Mr Jollof will eliminate boring 30% as he is always active.

7 @Saintavenue_ent – 189k followers

This is one of the instagram page it followers loved. This page focus on publishing action movies on their page. Somany movies you may not know about or have missed, you could watch all of that on this instagram page. This instagraam page is so engaging.

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8 @Mc_makopolo – 210k followers

This is one of the most funniest prank star in Nigeria. He is fun of playing expensive pranks and his page is that of which you can never get bored on. He is funny and same time crazy.

9 @Zfancytv – 314k followers

This is one of the first prank star in Nigeria, he has done a whole lot of prank videos and keep surprising his followers. Zfancy is good at what he does and his instagram account is so engaging.

10 @Isokoboy12 – 234k followers

Isokoboy12 is a Nigerian based in South Africa. He is an instagram and facebook entertainer that speak in Warri Delta accent to high the waffians moral. He speak on some ladies and guys act which in most cases derive in s*xuality. With the way isokoboy speaks and entertain his fans, it rare to get bored on his age.

This are the top 10 most entertaining instagram accounts to check out for in Nigeria.

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