Top 10 Tourist Centres In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country with many tourist centers. Many geographical locations are places of tourist attraction in Nigeria. This tourist attraction are visited by both local and foreign nationals in Nigeria. I will share with you in this article the top 10 tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Top 10 Tourist Centres In Nigeria

Top 10 Tourist Centres In Nigeria

1) Yankari National Park

The park is also known as the Yankari Game Reserve and it is a very beautiful park. You can watch animals in an area that is more than 2000 kilometres and enjoy the wonderful nature of the grassland or you can simply take a break after many working months. The Yankari National Park is a nice destination for those who are fond of ecotourism.

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Those who visit the park can watch lions, monkeys, elephants and other animals who are able to transport themselves freely and visitors can also decide to climb a lot of hills. The park is located in Bauchi State which is 225 km east of Jos.

2) Balogun Market

For those who want something apart from natural habitats and are fond of shopping, the Balogun Market on Lagos Island will be the best place to visit. The market is among the largest in the whole of West Africa. The market is so large that it does not have a definite address. It is found across many streets. The market opens every day starting from 7 am to 8:30 pm. You will have much time getting what you like at a very great price.

The Balogun Market has no particular address since it is found in many streets across the islands. Balogun market is the largest market in Nigeria and probably in West Africa. This is also the best place to get bargains in many fabrics like office wears, shoes and laces. It is also among the busiest markets in the suburb of Lagos. The Balogun market is a great tourist attraction.

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3) Ikogosi Warm Springs

This is among the most peculiar sports on the list. The little town of Ikogosi have its location in Ekiti State and they became famous due to it’s natural phenomenon. In this tourist attraction there is a place where cold springs meets warm springs but somehow the two springs maintain their corresponding temperatures.

4) Ogbunike Cave

If you are not fond of rocks, markets and parks, then you should try the Ogbunike Cave located in Anambra State and the site is made up of many caves. The location have always been considered by local people as a place of deep spiritual signifance. The people of the cave have to remove their shoes before they enter. The system of this cave strewn with rivers, small lakes and streams. Those who love bats will like this place because it is populated by bats. The region that surrounds the cave is covered by rainforest vegetation.

This is a lengthy walkaway that is made up of about 317 steps. The main cave is made up of a massive structure with a large open chamber of about 10 m wide, 5m high and 30m long within the entrance. Up to 10 tunnels are in the main chamber that have led to multiple directions. Across various places in the cave are streams of water. The environment of the cave is up to 200 meters radius. The site is known for it’s biodiversity for many years.

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5) Idanre Hill

The hill is otherwise called One Idandre and this is among the most beautiful landscape in the country. They are made up of many cultural sites that include the Shrines and Owa Palace. There is rising of the hills above sea level in which it reaches up to a kilometer in height. It has a fantastic hot view. You can see an ancient tree right from its centre.

Another interesting thing about the location is that there is a spot for the UNESCO World Heritage and that will make you know that this is an international arena. The site includes cultural sites like Old Court, Belfry etc. It is 3000 ft above sea level and they will accommodate a unique ecosystem. There is a tree in Idanre Hill known as the IRAYE Tree. The site attained a World Heritage Status in the year 2007.

6) Mambilla Plateau

You can locate this plateau in the natural area of Taraba State which is right next to the Nigerian border in the region of Cameroon. The plateau region is known for having the tallest peak in the country.

It is known as Chappal Waddi and the height is up to 2, 419 metres. The Mambilla Plateau is known for it’s lush vegetation. Many of the trees and plants growing there are exotic for Nigeria. Driving to the Plateau can be a better experience since the road is winding and new bordering clips.

7) Tinubu Square

This was formerly known as Independent Square and they now carry the name of the deceased Madam Efunroye Tinubu. She was very significant during the precolonial times.

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The square itself is a very beautiful open space with locations on the Bronx Street of Lagos. There are several monuments and 2 sparkling fountains which include a full sized statue of the woman.

8) Town of Badagry

If you want to experience history, you may simply visit Badagry. This town is full of historic features and they still have the 17th century wells, slave shackles, barracoons and they call it ‘ point of no return’.

This is a coastal region and they were formed in the early 15th century. The protected harbor has witnessed a lot of trade. This town is a monarchy that has the Akran of Badagry as the lead. However Badagry later became a great site for Christian missionaries.

9) Confluence of the Rivers Niger and Benue

You can find this located in Lokoja. The two Nigerian rivers meet in a Y shape and continue as one to the ocean. This can be viewed from the river bank.

10) Olumo Rock

This Rock is very long and fascinating to be a place of fortress for the people of Egba in the 19th century. The city known as Abeokuta has the translation of ‘ under the rock’. The rock is located in the center of Abeokuta which is the capital of Ogun State.

This is among the most popular tourist locations in Nigeria. The height of the rock is 137 metres above sea level. The people of Egba used the Olumo rock as a refuge during the inter tribal wars in the 19th century. The Abeokuta city then grew as more settlers go to the city and this provides access to clubs, casino restaurants and hotels.

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