Top 10 Best Newspapers In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country that is always on the news and there are many newspapers in Nigeria. The newspaper industry is growing in Nigeria with the internet. The democratic state of the country have also contributed to this. During the military regimes of Nigeria, many newspapers were afraid to publish any critical publication and some of their editors have been detained for this.

Top 10 Best Newspapers In Nigeria

Top 10 Best Newspapers In Nigeria

Now this is becoming history in Nigeria as newspapers now go on to publish many topics in this Nigerian democratic era. Newspapers in the military era operate differently then than the way they operate now. In this article I will share with you the top 10 Nigerian newspapers.

1. Vanguard Newspaper

The Vanguard newspaper operates on a weekly basis being introduced on Sunday June 3rd of 1984 and on July 15 of 1984. Then it became a daily newspaper that aims to supply people with news across the nation. They aim to do this through the rule of law and good governance.

They are among the leading newspapers in the country today. The circulation of the newspaper is up to 20000 on a daily basis in Lagos. Abuja has up to 12000 copies while the South West and South South has 15000 and 25000 respectively, the North Central has 8000, the North East has 7500, the North West also has 7500. The total copies are up to 130000 on a daily basis. Vanguard tops this list as the most read newspaper in Nigeria.

2. The Punch Newspaper

This is second in this list and it is a daily Nigerian newspaper. It happens to be the largest newspaper in the country when it comes to circulation with up to 80000 copies published on a daily basis. Two friends founded the Punch newspaper and they are Sam Amulla, a columnist and James Aboderm an accountant.

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The paper maintains itself by going on broad issues that have a potential to interest people. The newspaper witnessed an odd moment when the Editor in Chief was detailed for up to 54 days and the publishing house got closed. They are among the most favorite in Nigeria and they are available online.

3. The Nation Online Newspaper

This is no 3 in this list and they are among the most favorite in Nigeria. The newspaper also has an online version. The Nation newspaper has headquarters in Lagos and it is a quality national newspaper with dependable and credible information with loyalty to the nation. Their aim is to provide the public with necessary information which they need to be self governing and free in a democratic society.

4. Sahara Reporters

They are 4th in this list and they are among the unique online newspaper in the country. They are made up of a community of reporters from the international circle including social advocates that are dedicated to giving you features, commentaries, news reports from an African perspective.

The newspaper believes that everyone has an exclusive right to freedom of expression and opinion. The right also includes the freedom to hold opinions without interference and to receive, send and transfer information and ideas through any media.

The organization is unique and was founded in the spirit of Article 19 belonging to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights made of ordinary people with a commitment to finding the truth and publishing it irrespective of consequences. Sahaee Reporters is very popular in Nigeria.

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5. Sun News Online

They belong to the Sun Publishing Limited that started its activities in January 2003 on a weekly basis. By June 2003, the newspaper has become a daily newspaper. It was in 2005 that the soccer star which is readily affordable and available joined the Sun News.

The newspaper has 42 branches across Nigeria and they are among the most widely read newspaper within the country. They have a good reputation and have some online translations making it among the top newspapers in the country.

6. This Day Live Newspaper

The newspaper was formed in 1995. It carved out its market share especially in political and business reporting. This can be confirmed by the fact that the newspaper won the Newspaper of the Year Award up to 3 times. The newspaper became a pace seller in the year 1997 when it turned out to become the first Nigerian newspaper to start full color paper printing. They are one of the most preferred newspaper among the political and diplomatic in Nigeria.

7. Nigerian Tribune

This is no 7 in this list. They were formed in 1949 and they are among the oldest newspaper in the country. The newspaper was started by Chief Obafemi Awolowo for catering for the interests of the common Nigerian. They are among the most credible mouthpiece of the Nigerian population.

They intend to be among the best newspapers with exceptional quality in gathering news and transferring information.

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8. The Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian is no 8 in the list and they are among the major daily newspaper. Their slogan is: Conscience nurtured by truth. The Guardian reports the current information in many news categories of Nigeria which includes politics and business, Sunday magazines and Saturday publications.

The newspaper is credible when it comes to reporting conservative news. This news medium then launched an online portal to get a wider audience with more frequent update of news of events across Nigeria. The Guardian is often read by the elites in Nigeria.

9. National Mirror

This newspaper is no 9 in this list. The newspaper was acquired by the billionaire lawyer known as Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim. They are among the few newspapers in Nigeria that has a decentralized system.

The newspaper is made continuously at the same time in their plants located in 3 out of the 6 geopolitical zones of the country.

10. Leadership Newspaper

This newspaper is no 10 in this list. The newspaper is among the newspapers that are published on a daily basis. The newspaper is published by the Leadership Newspaper Group which is based in Abuja.

The aim of this newspaper is to speak for good and protect the Nigerian state. The newspaper was awarded the newspaper of the year in 2009 and their values they uphold continuously. This newspaper is among the top 10 newspapers in Nigeria.They remain a leading newspaper within the country.

This is the 10 Best Newspapers In Nigeria, if you have suggestions or inquiry regarding this post, you can drop your comment using the comment box below.


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