Top 10 Countries With Nuclear Arsenals in the World

Certain countries in the world are in possession of nuclear arsenals known as Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM).

Countries With Nuclear Arsenals in World

Nuclear Arsenals

These arsenals are designed and built by nuclear engineers from those countries. They involve aerospace technology and nuclear satellites. These arsenals are very dangerous and they can wipe out in large numbers. Some countries claim that they do not have these arsenals but they manufacture them secretly away from global eyes. Others admit that they have them for defensive purposes. Satellite technology is rising in the world and nuclear engineers are embracing a new phase of aerospace technology. In this article, I will share with you the top 10 countries with dangerous nuclear arsenals.

1. Russia

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Number of missiles: 7000
Russia tops the list here. Russia have used their oil rich economy to develop more nuclear arsenals. Russia tested their first nuclear weapon in the month of August, 1949 and this triggered a race with their rival, the United States. The Russian Federation detonated the largest nuclear weapon known as Tsar Bombs that has a yield of 50 megatons. Testing of nuclear arms reached its optimum in the year 1962. Russia has up to 8500 nuclear warheads.

2. United States

Number of missiles: 6800
Next in the list is the United States with many nuclear arsenals. Their only rival as far as nuclear arsenals is concerned is Russia. The United States has been in a nuclear arms race with their rival, Russia.

They are in the race to know the country that can acquire more nuclear arsenals. American nuclear satellites now cover the globe. American nuclear engineers confirm that American nuclear arsenals can reach anywhere on the planet.

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They began their nuclear arms development in World War II and tested their first nuclear weapon in July 1945. The inventory of the country’s arsenal reached up to 31225 in the year 1967. The United States has up to 7700 nuclear warheads.

3. United Kingdom

Number of missiles: 215
this is another country with dangerous nuclear arsenals. The United Kingdom is third in this list and they have developed very dangerous ICBMs. Missiles that can reach as far as China and Canada.

They became the third nuclear power country after they tested their first nuclear weapon in October, 1952. The United Kingdom carried out up to 45 tests but also participated in the nuclear testing exercise that led to more than a thousand nuclear tests. The British inventory reached its peak in 1976 and 1981 and was limited to 185 warheads by the year 1999.

4. France

Number of missiles: 300
France is fourth in this list. Their missiles can reach Argentina and Canada when necessary. France became a nuclear country after they launched their first nuclear weapon in an atmospheric test known as Gerboise Bleue in the month of February, 1960.

France concluded its nuclear tests with the 210th test in 1996. France has up to 300 nuclear warheads.

5. North Korea

Number of missiles: Unknown
North Korea have become a giant in nuclear technology. North Korean engineers have tested many nuclear arsenals and have launched many nuclear satellites. North Korean ICBMs can reach the United States with little stress.

North Korea was a member of NPT but withdrew later in 2003. In the year 2009, North Korea confirmed that they have developed a nuclear weapon and have done their first nuclear test in the year in 2006 triggering protests from NPT nations. North Korea affirmed in the year 2007 that they are in possession of nuclear weapons.

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They conducted a second successful test in the year 2009 making the country a full fledged nuclear nation. In the year 2013, North Korea conducted a third nuclear test and this was done underground. Now they have midrange and small nuclear missiles that were inducted into their arm forces. North Korea have many things going on in their country that they will not let the world know since they are very secretive.

Other countries also behave like North Korea when it comes to giving out their number of nuclear arsenals. After North Korea baffled the world with series of nuclear tests, they continue to tell the world and the United States that they are determined to become a nuclear power.

6. China

Total number of missiles: 270
China became a superpower both economically and in military terms. China is next in this list. China has been dominant in the nuclear arms race going on among many countries.

They are among the oldest countries to possess nuclear weapon. They carried out their nuclear test in the year 1964. China’s number of nuclear warheads is still a secret. Reports confirm possibilities of China having up to 3000 warheads.

Currently China has up to 260 warheads and there are those that are not deployed. China maintains a ‘no first use policy’ meaning they will respond on first use. China intends to beat the United States by 2020.

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7. India

Number of missiles: 100
This is another Asian nuclear giant. India is not a signatory of the Non Proliferation Treaty just like Pakistan. They began their nuclear research program in the year 1967.

India surprised the world in 1974 with a nuclear tests after which they conducted another test in 1998. India prefers to keep it’s number of nuclear arsenals as a secret. India maintains a ‘no first use’ policy. India have already developed indigenous missiles like the Prithvi and Agni series.

8. Israel

Number of nuclear missiles: 80
Israel is a nation with aggressive and unfriendly neighbours. They need better Israel is next in this list. Israel says their arsenals is for defensive purposes. Israeli engineers are awesome when it comes to nuclear technology.

9. Pakistan

Number of nuclear missiles: 120
Pakistan continues to race with India for more nuclear arsenals. Prime Minister Zulfigar Ali Bhutto in the year 1972 led the nuclear program of Pakistan in response to India moves. This was after India’s surprise test named Smiling Buddha in the year 1974.

After the Indians conducted the second nuclear test in 1998, the country of Pakistan detonated up to 5 nuclear devices within the district of Chagai. The operation was called Chagai-I. Now, Pakistan has many missiles in it’s reserves

10. Iran

Number of missiles: Unknown
Iran recently joined the list of countries with dangerous nuclear arsenals. American Intelligence confirm that Iran has the potential to become a nuclear power. Western countries do not want this. However the number of missiles and weapons in this country is still unknown.

This is the most powerful countries in the world  it comes o nuclear weapons.

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