Tips How to Use Insecticides & Pesticide to Avoid Health Problem

On this article are tips how to use insecticides & pesticide to avoid health problem. Mosquitoes are one major fever causes in Africa countries, using insecticide has become an alternative to get rid of mosquitoes and some other insects from our home. Still is insecticides safe for us? Even as we have listed the best insecticides available in Nigeria are they safe for human? The answer is NO if not use carefully this might up causing great illness to human.

How to Use Insecticides

How To Use Insecticides And Pesticides To Avoid Health Problem In Nigeria

Health is the most important thing one must be careful about, this article will help you with some idea how to use insecticides in home to avoid health problems.

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1. Let everyone Go Out of The Room You Are About to Spray

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In no condition should anyone remain inside the room while spraying insecticide in it, let everyone quite the room for at least 1 hours.

2. Wear Nose Cover And Eye Glass While Spaying Your Home

It very important to perfect your nose and eyes from getting affected be the insecticide. Don’t in-hail the chemical directly into your nose because it affect the lungs.

3. Open Windows and Doors Of Your Room After Spraying Your Room

Make sure windows and doors are open for the chemical to go outside after spraying your room.

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4. Stay out of sprayed room for a long period of time

Stay away from the sprayed room for a least 1 hour while leaving doors and windows opened.

5. Avoid using bad insecticides

There are some insecticides that contain high amount bad substantial chemical, this kind of insecticides might work in eliminating insects and even human, if you must know, there are high danger sign on this type of insecticides. I don’t want to mentioned names of dangerous insecticides of this post, you can check on our previous post for list of best insecticides in Nigeria.

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6. Watch your hands thoroughly with soap or have a bath with soap after spraying.

Don’t neglect proper hygiene after spray your home, make sure your hands are properly watch or even have a bath if there is any means to but if none watch your hands properly with soap.

This is the means of are the tips how to use insecticides properly to avoid health problem. Still we recommended you read our newest article where we expose the secret to keep yourself and family out of mosquitoes reach.

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