Throw Pillows in Nigeria Prices and Where to Buy

Sometimes making your house chairs more beautiful and comfortable can’t be neglected. One of the chair beauty is the throw pillows. It doesn’t just make your chairs looks beautiful but as well make it more engaging and comfortable to seat.

Throw Pillows in Nigeria

Getting a beautiful throw pillow is something every home desire for their chairs. On this article I will be showing you where to buy amazing throw pillow in Nigeria and the amount you should be looking out to spend.

Before we get started, do you know that the colours of these throw pillows you are going to get must relate with your chairs, I guess you know that already because it’s very important not to make your house looks color horrible because of your throw pillow. For this reasons have a look at your chairs color and decide which color of throw pillow will match well on it and then let’s begin.

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Let me also take my time to indicate that you can design any kind of throw pillow you want, I mean have the cloth design, you can even go as far as printing your name, photos and your love one photos on it. To archive this you just have to print it yourself just by giving it to printing company to print on it.

Note that you must first purchase the throw pillow before printing on it or you ask the printing company to purchase and print it themselves and have it delivered to you. You can contact us if you want need our service on 09023401274.

Let’s proceed, I will begin by showing you some photos of throw pillows that seems so amazing.

Photos Of Throw Pillows in Nigeria

Hope you enjoyed your view through the above design of throw pillows? Note that there are more and beautiful design we couldn’t see to put here but the above are some amazing designs.

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Price of Throw Pillows in Nigeria

There are different types of throw pillows, some are soft, some are big, some are superior while some are small and inferior. The cost of a throw pillow in Nigeria depends on the quality of the throw pillow you are interested in.

The price of a throw pillion can be something more than you expected however there are of different prices so the choice of going to any that fits your budget and quality is reserved to you alone. Prices range of throw pillow can be from N1,000 Naira to N15,000 naira per one. Something that people consider is the size and quality, aside the design some throw pillow easily get spoiled and some doesn’t seem nice after long use. Some compresses after few months use but the quality ones are nice and perfect in shape for whole long period.

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Where to Buy Throw Pillow in Nigeria

There are different places to buy throw Pillows in Nigeria. You can either purchase online or visit the nearest shop around you to buy your throw pillow. Jumia is an online shop and you can buy your throw pillow there. If you want quality throw pillows from us then use the contact details on our contact page to get in touch with us.


Throw Pillows are amazing to brings out the beautiful of not just your chairs but your seating room. Every home deserve to have this amazing looks throw Pillows brings to homes. Getting throw pillows for your chairs is not a bad idea at all, just go for the best quality you want depending on your budget.

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