The Massey Ferguson 290 2WD Tractor is a Must Have for Farmers

Massey Ferguson 290 2WD Tractor is another big model in the 200 series. Malik Agro Industries is offering this vehicle in all countries. Its powerful engine and effective design help you easily operate this machine. Wide and hard wheels with deep treads allow a solid grip on the soil. MF motors also deliver high traction power for loading and dragging heavy-duty objects. 

Massey Ferguson 290 Engine Power and Performance: 

It is prepared with modern engine technology comprising Perkins A4.248 diesel type 4 cylinders. These cylinders are more comprehensive, with bore diameters up to 98 mm and stroke diameters up to 127 mm. An extensive liquid cooling system helps the engine run under optimum temperature by frequently dissipating heat. Are you looking for Massey Ferguson tractors in Uganda? Visit the official website of Malik Agro Industries to place an order. For easy sliding spur, two transmission options are available. One operates manually with 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. Other is multi-power transmission, possible through 12 forward gears and 4 reverse gears. This tractor Massey Ferguson produces a maximum power of up to 90 HP while operating at 2200 rpm. Its manually operating PTO control works at 540 rpm. 

This tractor Massey Ferguson 290 comes with an adjustable hydrostatic steering wheel. It delivers efficient command over the big vehicle. You can purchase this version easily in Uganda. Malik Agro Industries provides its products with unique and timely services all over the world. 

Massey Ferguson 290 specifications include; 

  • High-capacity fuel tank 
  • Power steering 
  • Multi-disc brakes 
  • Efficient and powerful diesel engine 
  • 8 forward and 2 reverse gears 
  • Spring suspension seat 

Agriculture Sector in Uganda: The agricultural land in Uganda is highly fertile. Its environment is also friendly to crop cultivation. According to the UN’s FAO report, Uganda’s land carries massive agricultural potential and can feed up to 200 million people. Investors also acknowledge this. They believe Uganda has the best agriculture potential in the entire Africa. But the country is unable to utilize its resources fully. 80% of the land is arable, but the farmers are able to cultivate only 35%. Still, 70% of the state population is linked with agriculture contributing to 24.1% of the GDP. The country gets 33% of its export earnings from this sector. Are you looking for Massey Ferguson tractors for sale in Uganda? You can contact Malik Agro Industries to get one at an affordable price. 

Uganda cultivates several products on its land, such as sugar, tea, coffee, cotton, tobacco, cassava, corn, sweet potatoes, beans, groundnuts, millet, sorghum, etc. Significant improvement areas in this sector can lead to farmers’ flourishment. The key areas of improvement are the production unit, input supply, export, and post-harvest handling. The country must also focus on increasing its coffee production and the amount exported to the US. Are you looking for MF 290 tractor for sale? We can help you get one. 

What Role can Modern Machinery Impart in Improving Uganda’s Agriculture? 

Uganda’s government is unable to get the maximum use of its highly fertile land. More than half of its arable area is untouched. Farmers also face several problems which hinder their overall yield and limit the commercialization of this sector. These include limited use of fertilizers, quality seeds, poor irrigation infrastructure, and inefficient use of farm machinery. Hence, the sector is highly vulnerable to poor yield and extreme climate conditions. You can find Massey Ferguson for sale anywhere you live. 

Psalm 121:7-8
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: His love endures forever."

A key area of concern and solid intervention is to enhance farmers’ access to agricultural equipment such as harvesters, tractors, bulldozers, and movers. These machines are very useful in farm activities and to improve productivity and yield. One such skillful vehicle loved by progressive farmers is MF 290. The Massey Ferguson 290 price is highly reasonable. It will certainly stay within your budget limits if you purchase it from Malik Agro Industries. 

Why do Farmers need Modern Machinery? 

A tractor is a crucial vehicle in modern times. The old time was gone when farmers used to add their blood and sweat to the soil to get the yield. The exchange they got for their limitless effort was undue. The major purpose of farm machinery is to facilitate humans and release them from day and night effort. These vehicles are power operated and require fuel and battery to work. You can perform your farming activities like breaking the soil, clearing the weeds and grasses, sowing seeds, and dragging heavy objects within hours. Without technology, we modern humans can not even imagine completing these roles in hours. We can get you in touch with MF 290 for sale. 

Not just that, modern machinery is highly resourceful. You can use many of the farming vehicles at construction sites as well. These are kept sturdy and powerful to be your lifelong partner. If you are concerned with the Massey Ferguson tractor price in Uganda, we are to overcome your fears. We value our customers and offer the best vehicles at economical rates. 

Why choose Malik Agro Industries to buy Massey Ferguson Tractors in Uganda: 

Finding tractors, spare parts, and agricultural implements for your farming field? Do not feel confused by multiple brands offering agricultural vehicles. Contact now Malik Agro Industries for a rich catalog. We are a trusted name in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of farm machinery. The machines offered by Malik Agro Industries are cost-effective, easily operational, and assure top-class reliability. Our main office is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Our company provides products throughout the globe. However, our export focus mainly revolves around Yemen, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Panama. 

Our developers assure top-class instrumentation with minimum bearable maintenance costs.  Its innovative agricultural implements and machinery help farmers relieve loads of time and effort and speed up growth opportunities. Our machinery can be regarded as a new channel of financial fulfillment for farmers. Countries tend to include agricultural policies to assist farmers in expanding their farming potential. That is possible only with the resourceful and sturdy machine by Malik Agro Industries, which delivers massive benefits. 

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