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5 Best Mobile Video Editor App

Welcome to many times we want to make video clips with our phones but we can’t because there are no Apps to edit them. Here are incredible apps you should look into. Best Mobile Video Application Gone are the days where we have to get a good video camera to take the footage of […]

What is Email Marketing

Welcome to many of might have heard of Email marketing and how it is being used to expand businesses, below¬†are the following guidelines you could use. Email Marketing in Business The Word Of God The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. […]

Importance and usefulness of Digital Forensics

Welcome to informationhood, today we will be talking about Digital Forensic, its importance and the usefulness. Have a great day ahead. Digital forensics also called digital forensic science is an aspect of forensic science containing the recovery and research of material found in digital devices, usually concerning computer crime. The term digital forensics was initially […]

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