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Importance of Technology in SMEs in Nigeria

How to increase productivity through Technology It is unarguable that technology plays a vital role in our individual lives. Technology has helped us achieve a whole lot of things with ease and save time. However, a lot of small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria remain reluctant to key into trending technology this is so […]


1. FLY A DRONE Drone is a flying computer with a camera or sensor attached. Like computers, drones have firmware which is software which commands the physical components in the aircraft or remote controller. LOCATE A LOST PHONE Most Android phones now come with Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager) built in. This service […]

What is Email Marketing

Welcome to many of might have heard of Email marketing and how it is being used to expand businesses, below are the following guidelines you could use. Email Marketing in Business Email marketing is a means of expanding your business by sending commercial messages to a group of people or one person via mail. This […]

Importance and usefulness of Digital Forensics

Welcome to informationhood, today we will be talking about Digital Forensic, its importance and the usefulness. Have a great day ahead. Digital forensics also called digital forensic science is an aspect of forensic science containing the recovery and research of material found in digital devices, usually concerning computer crime. The term digital forensics was initially […]

Laptop Overheating Problem, Causes and How to Fix

computer laptop display problem - Laptop overheat

Is your laptop overheating? First of all welcome to informationhood, i still remain your loyal Serome. On this article i want to show you the reason why your laptop is very hot and how you can fix the problem. Laptop Overheating Problem, Causes and How to Fix There is no doubt that most of us […]

Iphone X Review and Impressions

It’s ok to state that the iPhone X has been the most-discussed tech result of 2017. The reckoning for the tenth commemoration iPhone began a year ago, a long time before the standard time for the iPhone gossip factory to begin humming. While the dispatch itself may have been without excessively numerous astonishments – on […]

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