Procedures How to Travel to Ibadan City from any Location in Nigeria


This article is all about how you can travel to Ibadan in Nigeria. As you may or may not have known, Ibadan has many lovely places and is one among the largest cities in Nigeria. The city is also noisy. There are many places for you to visit in the city. Majority of the tourists are on the road and they utilise it as a point of resting.

This point of resting lies between their destination and the border of Benin. You may decide to explore the older region of the town and the National Museum is also a tourist zone. There are many chop bars in the region of Ibadan.

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If you are fond of soup and fufu, it is available in Ibadan. There are many joints for fast foods. Hotels in Ibadan may vary in cost depending on features. The capital of Oyo State is Ibadan and this city happens to be the most populous in Oyo State.

A Look At The History Of Ibadan

Travel to Ibadan
Ibadan is the no 3 in the country after Kano and Lagos. This is also the largest city in Nigeria. The location of Ibadan is at the South Western Nigeria and this is 128km in land of the northeastern region of Lagos. The history of Ibadan is traceable to the year 1829 and there was a turmoil in Yoruba land at that time.

Then many cities like the Old Ijaye Owu went off and then newer cities like Ibadan and Abeokuta came as a replacement. Local historians claim that Label was the person who formed the city. Ibadan was serving as a region of defence. The location of the city towards the forest fringe has effects on its features as a centre for marketing and trading.

A church came in the year 1852 and this church is the Church Missionary Society.

Ibadan And The Yoruba Land

Ibadan is not like other cities of the Yoruba land. However the class of warriors became the leaders of the city and they are almost among the main economic Ibadan group. Confirmations from the Isaac Babalola Akinyele says that the Olubadan has a meaning. This meaning is the Lord of Ibadan.

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The authoritative book of the history of the city has the name of Iwe Iran Ibadan. Feeding on scales was common in the city and also feeding on the fruit. There was cultivation too. Ibadan people cultivate millets and corn.

These corn and millets are turned to eko or oori and these are pap meals. They also make use of the shells of the snail and this is for drinking eko (liquefied). Then Lagelu and his community now came down and another city came up with the name ‘Eba’dan’. This city became a major centre for commercial activities.

Alliance Of Ibadan With Owu

Then after this, the new Olubadan made a pact with the Olowu of Owu and this was through marriage of his daughter. His daughter’s name was Nkan. Some regions of the city are actually part of Egba in a historical manner. The occupants of Egba have to leave the region and then there was migration.

This migration was at Abeokuta and the leader was Sodeke. They were sent away due to their disloyalty. The city became a sprawling and impressive centre in such a way that towards 1829, the city has the dominations of the Yoruba land and this domination include economically, politically and militarily.

Military Expansion Of Ibadan

Next was an expansion of the military sanctuary and this was as many Northern raids from Oyo began to arrive. There was an attempt by the Fulani Caliphate to perform an expansion and take over the city. However the armies of the city gave them a major defeat. The city then became administrative.

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The city in modern Nigeria has locations at the South East geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

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Where Can You Get Vehicles to Travel to Ibadan In Enugu?

  • Imo Transport Company

    This transportation company has locations at Oremeji. This is accessible and you do this by taking a vehicle after which you drop towards the park.

  • Peace Mass Transit

    This is another vehicle having locations at Enugu and Ibadan. The location of Peace Mass Transit is at Samonda. You can take a cable/bus that goes there after which you alight

  • Ifesinachi Park

    They have locations at Oremeji in Ibadan. Move to a cab that is going to Mokola and drop when you get to Ifesinachi Park. There are thirteen seated buses available in the park and the transportation fee ranges from 3500-4000 naira.

Choosing The Motor Park For Enugu to Ibadan

It is preferable to choose parks that are closer to your residence since their services are similar.

What Do You Pack For This Journey To Ibadan?

The following tips will help you do and efficient packing for your journey:

a) Few bags is preferable to enable you manage easily and save. The drivers often charge an extra amount for bags that are above normal sizes. This is obtainable among drivers of minivan and taxis.

b) Ensure that you reach the park when you should and this is to be able to make your seat choice.

c) Different categories of alabarus (Porters looking for passengers coming with heavy luggage) may be in the park. Therefore when you get there and you need to use their services, ensure that you know the movement of your bag.

d) Tell the driver if you have items that are fragile. This will enable you to transport the fragile items without squashing them.

e) Do not carry items that can lead to extortion from policemen.

f) Check your eating before you travel since the trip is short and the stops are not much. However when the vehicles stops, it is often to relieve passengers.

g) Input details into the personal information.

What Time Does It Take From Enugu To Ibadan?

This trip takes between 8 and 12 hours. You also consider weather and road conditions.

Options For Snacks For Enugu to Ibadan

The 3 parks have a variety of choices for your snacks. These snacks range from meat (barbecued) to drinks and gala. A stop also exists at Ore.

Travelling Tips For Enugu To Ibadan

a) Ensure that you input details for your personal information form. This form is for passengers to fill.

b) Keep your valuables close to where you are. If you have a small bag or a canyon, keep them where you are. This is not just because of theft but also due to care less stacking in the trunk.

c) Sit in a seat that is comfortable for this long journey. Charge your phone full and you can go with your power bank. This is because you may browse the web or play music as the journey goes on.

d) Getting off passengers is mostly at Holy Ghost in Enugu. The dropping of passengers by Ifesinachi also happens at Ifesinachi Park.

How to Travel to Ibadan From Any City of Nigeria

Means of travelling from any other cities of Nigeria to Ibadan is well easy. All that is needed is to get Ibadan vehicle from your current location. My travelling skill is easy, I just have to locate the top companies in my city and then ask if they travel to where i’m going to. If no transportation in your location going direct to Ibadan then you have to location nearby location where you can get Ibadan vehicle.


This article deals on travelling from Enugu to Ibadan by road. This journey is long and you have to make necessary preparations for it. For any questions on travelling from Enugu to Ibadan, our comment box is at your freedom.

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