How to Prepare Fried Egusi Soup

Would you like to know how to prepare Fried Egusi soup? Informationhood brings you short, safe and convienient method of delicious Fried Egusi Soup.

First, let us list out the ingredients we will need

1. 5 cooking spoons of palmoil

2. 500g Melon seeds

3. Beef and Shaki

4. Dry fish and stockfish

5. 2 tablespoonful of crayfish

6. Pepper and salt to taste

7. Pumpkin, Spinach or Bitterleaf

8. 3 small stock cubes


1. Soak dried fish and stock fish till soft. Boil for 20 minutes and leave in pot to soak for an hour.

2. When the stockfish and dried fish are soft, remove the bones from them and cut them up into smaller pieces

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3. Grind the egusi in a dry mill.  Grind the crayfish and pepper seperately. Set aside.

4. Rinse vegetables and cut into tiny pieces

5. Cook the beef and stockfish till done.

6. Pour  red palmoil inside dey pot and heat. When oil melts,add ground egusi and start frying. Mix egusi and oil till it turns yellow in colour.

7. Stir egusi the egusi in low medium heat. Keep stirring and frying for 10 mins.

8. Add meat / fish water(stock) while stirring. Add a little stock, stirfry. Add a little stock. Stirfry again. When you have put all of the stock in the mix, add water if you feel the soup is too thick. Keep adding water till u get a level of consistency. Add your vegetable at this time.


10. Cover pot and cook for about 20 minutes. Keep stirring during this time else your soup will burn.

11. Once you are satisfied it is ready, add ur ground pepper and crayfish mixture. Add yout cooked meat, stockfish and pumpkin leaves. Stir well and add salt if necessary

12. Cover and leave to simmer and then its done.

This is how you cook Fried Egusi Soup







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