Beware!!! is a scam website ( Read This )

We want to inform you to beware of, it a scam wesite (Beware & Read This)

Beware of, this website a phising scam website that steel people login details and hack into their private profiles such facebook, email, and more. In no reason you shoud have any thing to do with this website named This website main target at this moment is facebook. they steal people facebook login details and hack into their profile.

Phising Scammers are scammers that steal login details and hack into someone’s account to manipulate using the person profile. this kind of hackers can ruin your image, get all informations about you, uses your profile to manipulate your friends. They might even scam your friends using your profile telling them to send money to them,
and your friends might fail for this as they will be thinking it you requesting for help. They can also add all your friends to their facebook group which will make your friends to be receiving unnessary massage or notifications which he/she didn’t subscribe for.

We have confirmed that is a fishing hacker (a.k.a scammer). At this time of writing this post their main target website is facebook. they steal people facebook login details and login to their profile to add their friends to their group. we are convince they might have stole more than one thousand people login details according to their number of people on their group. for this reason we huge every fan of to have their account password change immediately if they have not yet change your password.

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The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

How does popnaija steal people’s facebook login details? Popnaija claimed to be a website that gist about nude videos and photos all around the world. They post nude photos on their website such as teacher romancing students, S*x video that got link etc. when you open a page on the website to read the gist, popnaija will ask you to watch the video or download it on a given link. When you click on the download or watch video link it will take you to their scam facebook page to login. This is where they steal people facebook login details, because that facebook login is not real but scam login, they created it by themself. how to catch them is very easy,

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loot at the page url which is known as the page address, the real facebook url is while the scammers own is, any details entered on this scammer url goes straight to the scammer form machine, such as your login email, phone number, and password.

Another way to catch this scammer is by entering wrong login details on his fake facebook login page. Because the scammer url is fake, the machine which the scammer is using can’t tell if a login details are wrong or not. Normally when you entered wrong login details on facebook, then facebook will tell you that the login details you entered is wrong. but it not like that for the scammer machine. the scammer machine assume every details entered on it is correct and send those details to the scammer. Again the scammer make it in a way that when you entered your facebook login details then you will be redirected to the real facebook. So if you entered a wrong details to the scammer url, his machine will think that you have entered correct details and send you to the real facebook. where you see the real url

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Now that you have seen that the owner of is only using his website to hack people facebook account you should beware of visiting that website. and also share this with your friend so that their facebook don’t get hack, because most people can easily fall victim to this scammer trick.

Note the owner of might change his trick of hacking and scamming people. He could also change the target source such as from facebook to gmail. You should be careful enough not to login any of your internet account from a redirected source. always type the website address yourself. Always check the url of any website you want to put your login to make sure it has the real url for example “”, don’t login any url such as “” etc.

If you love your friends you should also inform them, to save their internet account been hack and also to save you been scam, join us to expose wrongs and shame the devil.

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