Passing Mathematics with Ease in Nigeria

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Welcome to informationhood. It is known among students that whenever it comes to studying mathematics they find it difficult to understand and get along with maths well. Do enjoy the article..

Passing Mathematics with ease

Mathematics Made Easy

Mathematics is believed to be the key for all other subjects but it is quite amazing that most students fail it and pass other subject.

It is apparently that there is no work that you can do without applying mathematics.  For instance; an individual walking from his home to work in the city, he has in mind how long it is from his home to the place of work and what time would takes to arrive at work with the use of mathematics you survive the challenge of travelling and arriving on time.

The question now is why do students fail mathematics? I think students only fail the class room mathmatics but they have often applied mathematics in their daily lives to solve problems without knowing they have actually used it.The following are some of the reasons why students fail mathematics:

  1. Negative attitude towards mathematics.
  2. Fear due to pressure from friends that mathematics is difficult.Failure of the teachers to give proper and simple explanation of mathematical terms makes the students confused and have the believe that they can’t pass it.
  3. Limited or even lack of learning materials by the students. consider the a student who is going in a lesson of bearing without a mathematical set and a calculator, the student could hardly get any thing and yet mathematics needs to be practiced.
  4. Lack of enough practice by the students after class.
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Math is not as daunting as it seems, it’s all about following simple rules. Repeated use of these rules builds understanding and confidence. This article will verse you how to use, understand those rules and applying them with ease.

Be attentive to your teacher: If you’re in a fast paced math class, they’ll probably teach a concept once and move on. This means that if you don’t pay attention, you’ve just missed your chance of understanding it and might later affect you when reading.

Do your homework and solve all examples: This will help you understand the concepts more clearly. Your homework, examples and exercises will probably be the only time you get to practice what you just learned before a test, so you need to do it! If you can’t attend the class for a day, ask your teacher to give you the homework you missed as soon as possible.
Ask questions and talk to your teacher when

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you don’t understand something: A math class is not a class you want to only think you know what you’re doing. At some point you might not understand what the teacher is doing do not hesitate to ask questions in class.

Understanding the terms used: Knowing what is asked of you is half the problem. Math is its own language (solve, expand, simplify, etc.). Becoming accustomed to this will really benefit you. Highlight key words in the question to ascertain what you need to find out. Attempting past exam papers will give you a feel of what to expect; many of these are available for download from your examination board’s website.

Get a good calculator depending on the class you’re taking. If you’re taking a basic algebra class, a scientific calculator should suffice. If you’re taking a calculus class, a graphing calculator will probably be necessary. Your teacher or professor should have a good idea of what’s necessary as well, so asking them at the beginning of the term would be a good idea.
Understand your calculator: It doesn’t matter if your calculator has lots of fancy functions; if you don’t even know how to add with it, you’re wasting all of its features. Familiarize yourself with the calculator before taking it out for test or exam.

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Solve problem with friends: These should be people you can turn to when you have a question about something, or don’t know what to do for a certain problem. However, make sure they won’t just give you the answer ensure you solve problems with them.

Find extra learning materials: Oftentimes, different sources will be better explaining some things than others. If you can expose yourself to a different explanation of a concept, you may understand something a lot better. Only use recommended text books to solve and check your answer

Show all your working: Most of the time, your teachers don’t care as much about what you put down as an answer as the working that you show. Many will only give partial credit for the correct answer; the rest must be earned by showing your working correctly.

Be organized: If you aren’t organized, doing all that homework will do nothing to help you. Many times, you think you’re organized but to gain a true perspective on whether you are organized or not, ask someone you know that will give you an honest opinion.

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