Classified Websites to Buy and Sell in Nigeria Like Jiji

Are you wondering if jiji is the only active website to buy or sell online in Nigeria? The answer is no there are many other online classified website you can buy and as well lost your item or product on the internet in Nigeria. Let’s see some of them on this post.

Many people due to jiji population in Nigeria may thing they are the only classified website that enables buying and selling in Nigeria. Yes jiji was popular and that was because of their great service they offer time before now. Olx was definitely the first well known classified website to stunt Nigeria market with ability of people opportunity to list their item online and customer that find interest in any of the product call the sell. Old was introduced to Nigeria market in early 2014. Due to poor management the company couldn’t survive any longer in the country market then jiji she jiji approach for purchase of the platform due to the fact that olx was high threat to jiji. Jiji successful bought olx in 2019 and then no other strong competitor could race hard at them but today with their successful,jiji has introduced high sellers payable fee with different packages which some sellers has find uncomfortable. Today so many are in search for other means of working website to sell online like jiji.

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Sites to buy and sell online.


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Olist is owned and managed by opera mini company who also happened to be the founder of the trending app in Nigeria Opay. Olist is the fastest currently and it coming popular day after day. To check olist out visit

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On Olist you can sell anything or check to buy anything such as electronics, fashions, cars, house et.

Onlist have their app on google play and iOS platform. Check them out they are nice.

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2. Yeebia

Yeebia was formerly known as get99 but has been change to yeebia. This is a platform to sell and buy stuffs online. If you are looking to check out where to buy or classified website to sell you should also consider posting on get99. Go to

Jiji is at the last at the time there are others but here are the most used now. There are others such as swapit, etc.

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