All-in-One Computer PC, All You Need to Know and Where to Buy in Nigeria

Some people still haven’t seen All-in-One computer, it might seem strange when such person hear All-in-One PC online when they are on search for computer to buy or something else. On this post we are going to enlighten you about All-in-One computer, the work and price range in Nigeria including where to buy it in Nigeria.

All in one computer apple

All-in-One Computer PC, All You Need to Know and Where to Buy in Nigeria

The computer is a gadget that most people can’t live without today and they have evolved over the years through technology advancement. Since all-in-one computers are more mobile than traditional desktops and offer more screen space than most laptops, all-in-ones provide a cozy middle ground for those seeking a reliable computer.

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All-in-One computers are available in different screen sizes from top-notch brand like HP, Apple, Dell, Samsung among others. These unique PCs pack their components, ports and monitors into a single unit, allowing you to easily prop one onto your desk, plug in and get to work (or play) as the case maybe.

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All-in-ones come in a variety of designs and functions. You’ll find Android on lower-cost models, Apple’s OS X on the premium iMac, and Windows on a wide array of all-in-ones PC’s, many of which have touch screens. Some of these computers double as giant tablets that the entire family can enjoy in lay-flat mode.

This days no one is still in love with the old style pc that uses monitors with lot of wire connections. This is the major reason people prefer laptops but in other hands laptops is not the best for office set up. Laptop is for personal uses and not perfect for office use. In this case All-in-One computer come in consideration.

What is really this All-in-One computer? All in one computer is a simple pc introduce to cut off the need for CPU. It has everything in form of monitor alone.

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Most all-in-one computer has webcam, cd/dvd drive, battery, USB port and everything you could every think of in a computer. The only external thing is mouse and keyboard.

All-in-One Computer is the most used form computer in America and Europe. The most common all in one computer brand is Sony Vaio. All the brands has their All-in-One Pc such as hp, dell, Toshiba Apple, and more.

Where to Buy All-in-One computer in Nigeria

We accept the fact that the type of computer is rare to get in Nigeria, it not much popular here in Nigeria, the easiest way to get the All-in-One Pc is simply by importing it from abroad. However we have found a warehouse that sell UK Used All-in-One PC at affordable price.

Further more we find that jumia and konga has this all in one is in new format but quite expensive. This mean you can buy new all in one pc on Konga and Jumia if you can afford the price.

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Place to Buy All in One computer in Nigeria

Shopinverse computers

Address: 09 Nigerian Army Shopping Arena Bolade Bus Stop Oshodi Lagos.
Shop contact: 08059844173
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Price Range: N50,000


On our research we find the new all in one on konga, this is to say you can buy all my of your choice brand All-in-One Pc from Konga. To buy from Konga visit  konga website and search for All-in-One PC

Price Range: N185,000

This is all we can cover on this topic “All in One computer, What need to know and where to buy in Nigeria”. You can visit some other shops such as slot and jumia to check for it.

Note that the information provided on this post is info we gathered from our research and not in any way related to informationhood personally.

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