How To Obtain New Or Renew Old Driver’s Licence In Ghana

Driver's Licence In Ghana

This post will give you step by step guide on how you can get Driver’s Licence In Ghana easily. Drivers license is a must to have before you can drive in Ghana roads, the offence of valuating the law is big therefore it ideally you go for your drivers license to give you legal permit access to drive in the road. The process of obtaining the Ghana drivers’s license is not as difficult as you might be thinking it to, in fact if should go the right process it won’t take you time or cost you a lot.

Driver's Licence In Ghana

How To Obtain New Or Renew Old Driver’s Licence In Ghana

In Ghana the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) under the Ministry of Transport is authority is responsible for ensuring safety on Ghanaian roads and issuance of driving license. On these article we are going to walk you through the process of obtaining the ghana driving license which enable you to drive on all ghana roads, we have also writing the cost of applying for a new drivers license, renewal and retrieving of lost drivers license in Ghana on our previous article.


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Note that Ghana now have a computerized driving license which can’t be fake, also now plastic which can’t be destroy easily. The new ghana driver’s make for easier assimilation of traffic safety signs and regulations. Therefore having it is something you will be happy of, just check below for the process.

Requirement to Obtaining Driver’s Licence In Ghana

  • A Learner’s driving license has to be acquired for a period of three (3) months before the license can be applied for.
  • Applicants must be 18years and above.
  • Ensure that you meet the age and education requirements before applying;
  • You must had driving lessons before applying for a driving license
  • Applicant must ensure that the issuing officer has a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) Identity card which
  • Applicant must apply in person
  • Fill the forms accurately\
  • Make all necessary payment
  • Attach all required documents

To apply for your drivers license in Ghana you must visit the DVLA office your self to get a form. Below is the complete procedure.

Make all necessary payments to obtain application forms and all other necessary documents like the Highway Code and syllabus for learner drivers, then proceed to fill the application forms correctly as required, the next step is for you to attach all required documents and submit application to the authority. After that the service will conduct an eye test for applicant.

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If the applicant passes the eye test then a learner’s plate / license is issued to him / her. After that the applicant will then go on to any recognized driving college, for training;

For those who have expired learner’s license, a written exam is conducted for him/her and driver must score 70% or more in order to pass.

After the written exam, the applicant takes on an In-Traffic Test which involves identification and explanation of several road signs and as soon as that expired If he / she passes the road signs test, the applicant then takes the last exam drive with a DVLA instructor; when the applicant committees no errors, he / she then qualifies for a cover note.

After completing all the process the applicant is given a date to return to the authority, on the return date, the applicant must carry his/her cover note issued by the authority instructor.

How to Apply for Driver’s Licence In Ghana online

You can apply for Ghana drivers license online and the process is very easy as well. With your computer or phone and

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Note that the on-line service can only be used when renewing driving license and to do it and not available for people applying for the very first time, it required applicant to have an account with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), when i say account i don’t mean bank account, what i meant is that you have to register at their website.

If you haven’t registered with the DVLA website then you need to go to the Authority’s website to open create an account.

On the page – ensure that all required fields are filled in accurately.

After filling the required details on the website then click on the register button and an account will be create. After successfully opening an account, proceed with the application process, the system shall lead you through the steps of application just make sure you fill your details correctly.

Most Important Required Documents

1. Driving School Certificate

2. Pasport Photo

3. An Eye Test Certificate

4. Temporal license (gog) – new lic.

5. Temporal license foto – x

6. Written test results

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