Nigerian Army Confess of What They Are Doing to Innocent Christians

According to an email sent to informationhood, state how christians are being treated and the calamity that will before christians soon. The prospect who is a hiding christian explain how they raid churchs and kill christians, including how christians soldiers are being sent to confront Boko Haram without enough weapon so they can have them eliminated.

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In addition he included that boko haram has now join with ISIS, adding that the killing will take place again soon which will specialise ob christians alone this time. adding that a lot of boko haram members are now in the Nigerian army. Using the position of army to kill people and innocent christians. Below is the message quote to information

” Attention ! Attention !! Attention !!! ”

I am a soldier, I will not give my name for the sake of my life . my message is simple, I can’t stop myself from letting people understand the danger they are in,in Nigeria (especially those in the southeast),after my fellow soldiers here in southern Kaduna, Kaduna state,yesterday being Sunday 08 march,invaded a church and killed innocent Christian youths guarding their church against suicide bombers from gaining access in to the church compound during their church service. My conscience keeps judging me for not letting people know what I know. I am a christian but here in the military camp, I dare not let them know about this or I will be on the next troop heading to confront Boko Haram without enough rains of ammunition to fight them and certainly will get killed . most of our men deployed to fight Boko Haram are christian soldiers from the eastern and southeastern part of the country ,I cry inside me each time they leave the camp to confront Boko Haram as most of them don’t make it back alive and nobody cares to retrieve their body from Boko Haram .messages are set to their families back in the far eastern part of the country that they killed in a car accident and I wonder why their families don’t demand for the bodies of their children they claim where involved in a car accident ,what a pity.

The reason why I want people to know this ,is not because of all that had happened to Christians all over this country but because of the things they are going to face very soon , I must confess that Christians don’t respond to dangers approaching them until they all die , they think that God will come down from heaven to defend their life instantly but that is not true because I am a christian also ,from kano state.

Nobody suspect that I am a christian because I am from the North and they think that all Northerners are Muslim but that is not true .The message is that Boko Haram men are all over Nigeria now believe it or not, Boko Haram has also joined ISIS (Islamic State) in the Arab world and I don’t know if the christian people understand what that means .150 women recently have been beheaded by ISIS and most of the women were discovered to be pregnant women.

Boko Haram is expected to carry out the same thing since they have pledged allegiance to ISIS, this is just an introduction ,the main message is that 6 years ago, Boko Haram young members joined the Nigeria Defense Academy like ordinary citizens showing interest to gain admission ,join any of the arm force for the defense of the Nation but that was not the reason, 60% of them gained admission and graduated . Recently , that group have been deployed to the eastern part of the country along with few genuine soldiers , their mission is simple and they will carry it out once the order comes.

Many people may see them as ordinary soldiers but the truth is that 90% of the soldiers in every checkpoint and camps in the eastern part of the country are Boko Haram members in army uniforms ,they are soldiers but their mission is different from others. please my christian brothers be wise. you may be wondering how I got this information , remember I am from the North , the northerners are not considered Christians here even when some of us are.

It will interest you to know that many of our soldiers here are working for Boko Haram , not because they like them but because of the money they are being paid by the Boko Haram for every information and attacks the soldier themselves carry against Christians and the Government cannot provide the soldiers with such money . Do not see all Northerners as bad people , some of us are good but it is very difficult to tell so I don’t blame anyone that think that we are all the same.

For me I know that I will die because the Boko Haram are getting more help and resources than we the soldiers. Please help me to save people who I can not save as soldier by spreading this message to save lives especially those in the southeast and South-South, before the order gets to Boko Haram soldiers there. I will be happy in heaven for you please don’t joke with this information, pass it on you.

Note that informationhood is stating it clear of not be sure how much reliable the infornation is.

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