Nigeria And Whole Africa Gist Link Sharing Platform

Link sharing platform is recognized as reddit in the America and Europe. Currently there is are just few link sharing platform and the popular one is reddit.

Sharing social network

Link sharing platform is known to allow people to post any topic been funny or not, information’s or not, it about every thing you can think off.

It very good for readers as it showcase almost every thing happening on the internet and just in front of them  and also give them the link to view them out.

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Link Sharing is very helpful to bloggers, website owners, sharing affiliate links and talented persons. Link sharing medium service give every one the access of showcasing their blog post, website post, affiliate links, newsletter etc. This is the best way in growing blogs, websites and newsletters to high audience getting thousands of readers following your link to your website and also building links that give your blog or website high ranking in search engines also making good money from affiliate links.

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On our research we find that Africa currently have a sharing platform named that gives every one free access of posting unlimited links but with rules and regulation to be followed.

See example of how link sharing platform work bellow

Example: President is coming to my house today

I got a letter from the president of Nigeria that is coming to me house today for dinner. what a honor to have Nigeria president in my house. keep updating with my next story 

To join the africa sharing platform reddit visit the official website
Note: As we have mentioned above every sharing platform has it own policies, so before posting on any link sharing platform is always recommended you read their rules and regulation and policies


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