MTN Project Fame: How to Vote For Your Favorite Contestant

MTN project fame season 9 is currently on and you can now vote without a dime, these method of voting will for both season 10, season 11 and more. Note that these year winner will go home with 5million Naira, SUV and a contract worth millions of Naira. To vote for you favorite contestant before now you are required to send your favorite contestant number to 306 which cost N100. But now if you have a phone with internet access or computer, you can vote for your favorite online and it totally free of charge. Below you will find all the means you can use in voting on MTN project fame from Nigeria and ghana.

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Means Of Voting in MTN project fame

You can vote for your favorite contestant(s) on three easy to use platforms.

You can vote via:

  1. SMS
  2. Google (Online)
  3. Project Fame website

How to Vote On MTN Project Fame Contestant Online For Free

To vote for your favorite MTN project Fame contestant visit google and search for  the season number e.g search for “MTN Project Fame season 9” list of all the remain contestants in the house will be shown at first page. just click on your favourite contestant and draw the rate level to any level of your choice then click submit. It look like the image below.

mtn project fame-online vote

You can also vote for your favorite contestant by visiting their official website.


i. Click on the “Videos” tab on Click “Probation” to watch the performances of contestants on probation for the week under review

ii. Hit the vote button if you are impressed with your favourite contestant’s performance.

iii. You can cast up to six votes per day to save your favourite contestant on probation.

iv. You do not need to register to vote on the website

v. You can vote from anywhere in the world.

Note that will are allow to online vote once per week, therefore you have to vote wisely.

How to Vote On MTN Project Fame VIA SMS

You can vote for your favorite contestant(s) by SMS using an MTN line if you are in Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia

ii. To vote, send contestant’s voting number to 306 if you are in Nigeria and Liberia. If you are in Ghana, send voting number to 1745

iii. Voting line opens weekly from 4P.M on Saturday of the current week to 3P.M on Friday of the following week

You can vote as many times as you want within the voting period.

These is the complete process on how to vote for your favourite contestant on mtn project fame.

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