Mowe Ogun State Electricity: No Light in Mowe Ogun State

Nepa is been unfair to Mowe residents

Mowe is a community of Ogun state, the community which is located in Lagos ibadan express way have not seen light for a long period of time now, and the government nor the chairman of the power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) is saying or doing any thing about this issues.

Mowe electricity informationhood

This act is what informationhood sevliance, Why do Nigerians Nepa and government always want to fuse the masses to the point off no other option rather than fighting back?

The fact that electricity state in the country is poor but that of Mowe Ogun state is worst. ¬†The fact that every thing about the light is working very okay and there is no report that ware recorded wrong with any of the electricity parts makes this act of Mowe (PHCN) bad. The simple question is why is NEPA treating this people like animals. According to some on going rumors, some people has been saying the PHCN of this community are into business with the gas stations of the community in other for the gas station to be selling their petrol in the reasons that there is no light in the community which left business and some individuals that uses light no other option but to buy fuel to power their generators. informationhood can’t say if this is true or false, all we know is that there has been no light in this community for quite some time months now without any relevant explanation.

No Government officials seem to be saying anything about the electricity hardship of Mowe, and it not fair this way. Due to the lack of power supply community has increased the prices of products/items and services of these community because business of MOWE are wasting money on fuel just to keep running which has affected the prices of items/products and services powered with generators.

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The common man of this community is finding it extremely difficult to live comfortably because of the pain that government and NEPA are inflicting on them.

WHY are you hurting your own people for money bribes? If the rumors are true.
what will you gain?
How will you feel if this is been done to you also because of someone else selfishness?

How long will these people continue like this?
One thing is for sure, what you do to others will be done to you triple at a time you won’t have any option,¬†Thanks.

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