Magic The art of Bending metals with your mind#Busted!

So, every week, i will bring you some tricks magicians use in catching us spellbound and entertained. I bring you the first in the series of many exposé in the art of magic.

#Week 1: Bending of metals with your mind.

The Israeli illusionist, Uri Geller made telekinetic spoon bending very popular in America during the 1970’s. Eversince then, people have been hooked on how it happens.


 This is how the trick works;

Just by holding a spoon or fork by its neck and tilting it back and forth rapidly you can create the illusion that the spoon is bending. This is caused by the way the human eye perceives the rocking motion.

The thing is, when a spoon is physically bent or broken, it usually occurs where the object would be easiest to bend by hand. Basically, the  trick uses misdirection, a necessary tool of the magician. The magician pulls the audience’s attention away from the spoon during this brief period while the spoon is  being physically bent. The typical bend where the bowl meets the handle, requires relatively little force. The magician then gradually  reveals the bent spoon.

So when you go out with your friends, u can do the spoon bending magic trick. Your friends will be amazed.

Note; practice indoors extensively until you are sure that you have mastered the art of spoon bending. Enjoy!

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