Laptop Overheating Problem, Causes and How to Fix

Is your laptop overheating? First of all welcome to informationhood, i still remain your loyal Serome. On this article i want to show you the reason why your laptop is very hot and how you can fix the problem.

Laptop Overheating Problem, Causes and How to Fix

Laptop overheat

There is no doubt that most of us want to carry our laptop in our lap when using it, but so many of us get disappointed due to the fact that the laptop goes too hot in a very short time. It really unpleasant to see your laptop boiling like electric cooker.

On this post i want to share with you the possible cause, reasons why you laptop overheat. Before we proceed check the processor of your laptop if it’s Intel or AMD. We will look at it later.

Why do my laptop overheat or becomes very hot?

Since this is your question, I’m not going to give you just the answer but as well include the solution.

From my years of experience, there are major three causes why your laptop will get overheating. Note that each of this reasons have easy solution so just read on.

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Laptop Overheating Cause No1: Bad Fan

When your laptop fan get spoiled the whole laptop will become very hot, reason is because the fan duty in the laptop was to cool it when it’s working. When the fan becomes bad and can’t carry out it duty then the laptop will become hot and one of the thing that will happen to your laptop is that, it will be going off by itself. If this is happening to your laptop, it simply telling you that the fan is bad.

Solution no1, How to Fix bad fan in a Laptop

The only solution to a spoiled laptop fan is by getting a new fan for replacement. You can’t handle this yourself if you are not a computer engineer. You need to give the laptop to an expert to fix for you.

Price of laptop fan: Depending on your location. If you are in Africa such as Nigeria, Ghana etc then you should budget N1,500 Naira and above. You can convert that to your local currency. If you are in America such as USA, you need to budget $8 USD for a laptop fan, while for those is Europe such as UK you need a budget of £5 Pounds and above. It might be cheaper or more expensive but this is to get your mind set on the price range of the amount at the time of writing this post.

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Laptop Overheating Cause No2: Corrupted Os

When your laptop OS gets corrupt, many things in the laptop may stop working and the fan could be inclusive. Os is known as the operating system. This is a common problem to fix, you can update your os from Microsoft website

Solution no2. How to fix corrupt operating system

When an os is corrupted there is every possibility that you will get a notification when you are turning ON the laptop. The solution is to install a new os, an operating system that is active it should include license if you are installing window 8, 8.1 or 10

Laptop Overheating Cause No3: Processor

Processor is another reason why your system may overheat. If you remember, I earlier asked you to check your processor if it’s intel or AMD. In case you don’t know how to check your laptop Processor then read my previous article how to check laptop properties here.

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If you check your laptop/computer processor and it happened to be AMD processor, then it could be the possible cause why your laptop computer is overheating. AMD processor normally use to be hot as soon as it started working. Though it doesn’t mean that the laptop is bad but I’m still yet to figure out why it use to be very hot. In this case it will not damage your laptop but the only problem is that, you can’t carry it on your legs for long.

Solution no3, how to change processor from AMD to Intel

There is no way to go about this, note that i earlier stated that it will not affect your laptop. But if you are so much concern about it’ then change the processor to Intel. An engineer can help you solve this.

This is the three possible cause why your laptop or computer is overheating.


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