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Tips To Keep Your Computer in Good Condition

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Avoid Charging With Mini Generator e.g i pass my neighbor

Charging your laptop with small generator is not a good idea and it may end up harming your computer most expectailly laptops. Charging your laptop with small generator is considered dreadly. In no mater the condition should you be advice to use small generator to charge your  laptop. Three will often happen if charge with mini generator.

Risk of burning your charger

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because the voltage of small generator is unstable this will make the light not be stable also, this is when the light will like went up and soon the voltage over power the charger you end up loosing the charger to the generator. At this point your laptop also stand to fight for sulvival, if it escape burn during the charger calamity then it stand at high risk of future charger if you get low power of high power of even fake charge then your laptop will have no option than to say bye.

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Risk of Damaging Your Battery Life Sperm

This is very common, if the small generator is new, then you might not experience quick charger burning, but battery damaging you can’t escape. Constand uses of small generator will totally distory the power of your battery, this is to sqy if the battery where suppose to last 4-5hours it will drop down to even 1hour.

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Risk of burning some particles in your laptop without knowing

If you keep using your laptop on mini ganarator you will likely have problem with that laptop, some particles inside the laptop will get burnt without your notice such as keyboad not working, DVD/CD RAW not playing, bloating etc.

How to Know If Your Hdd is Working or Not

Without hardisks a computer can never turn on properly. It very easy to know if your computer is been affected with the hadisk. To know if hard disk is nor in your computer, turn it ON and wait for it to load. you will see a message telling you that the computer is unable to find hard disk or hard disk error.

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If you have a curropted hard disk then you will need to buy a new hard disk. We have acknowlage that corrupted hard disk can be fix by our friend Computer advisor

How To Check windows 7 Laptop Configuration

Click the start windows menu at your left

Select computer

Right click an empty space inside the opened computer folder and select properties.

You will be able to see see all the configuration of the laptop such as the ram size size, the processor speed, year, bran etc.

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