How You Can Find Your Way to Ikeja Shopping Mall ( Shoprite Ikeja )

Ikeja shopping mall popularly known to be Ikeja Shoprite is located at the central of Ikeja very close to Allen and not far from Ikeja Hotel. From our perspective, one of the problem people undergoes is when trying to locate a new place where they haven’t been before.

Ikeja Shopping Mall

We presumed that some of you maybe finding it difficult finding your way to Ikeja Shopping Mall where Shoprite is as well located, which is reason we singled out this post to be of help to you finding your way to the mail easily. Note that this article may not be much helpful to those driving their own vehicle however it can give a clue of your journey.

If you have been to places like Berger, Ikeja Under Bride, Ojota or Allen before then it definitely not going to be a whole lot of stress to you. All you need to do is getting to any of the location mentioned above and ask for keke nape or danfo to Ikeja Shopping Mail.

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Transport Fair from any of the mentioned locations to the mail shouldn’t be more than N100. And for those of you who are using their own cars, you first need to find your way to any of the location mentioned above and then ask of the shopping mall, you will be directed appropriately. Take note that the Ikeja Shopping mall is one of the most popular place in Ikeja as a whole.

For those of you who don’t know your way to ikeja at all. I would recommend you read this artist how to find your way to ikeja Lagos. It contains full details of how you can get to ikeja under bridge and computer village. When you arrives at Ikeja then you can take keke nape to Ikeja mall.

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Advice: we have always advice our readers who intend visiting new location to always ask question from the right people when on their way or unable to locate the destination. The best people to ask question along the road are danfo drivers, they will have time to direct you better. Asking people walking by question in Lagos will earn no reasonable result, as they may think you wanted to beg for money or play 419.

This is the simple and short way of finding your way to the Ikeja shopping mall. If you think you need to talk to someone regarding your location and how you can locate the mall on phone then our customer centre is open to give more tips. Note is free.
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