How to survive an Earthquake

Do you wish to know what to do in the event of an unlikely earthquake ? brings to you ways in which you can escape a potential earthquake.


Earthquakes are vibrations caused by rocks breaking under stress.

It was reported that in Shaki Area of Shaki west in Oyo state, tremors were felt. This sudden earth movement was not felt in Shaki alone but in neighbouring communities. Experts predict that an earthquake will likely occur in Nigeria by the year 2020.

So, what do we do in the event of an earthquake ?  Informationhood brings you these few lifesaving steps.



1. Look around for things that could fall or move and fasten them to the wall or floor.

2. Steer clear of window, fireplaces and appliances if earthquake hits.

3. Stay away from anything that could fall on you.

4. Before and after an earthquake, repair any cracks on the wall, ceiling and floor.

5. Repair any electrical wirings and leaks.

6. Secure all chemicals, fuel and bleach.

7. Keep food and water supplies within reach.

8. Learn Firstaid and CPR.

9. Have two places where everyone in your family can meet.

10. Find out about earthquake plan by your children’s school and your workplace.


1. Stay where you are until the shaking stops.

2.  If you are indoors, find a heavy desk or table and hide under it.

3. If you are outside, stay in the open away from powerlines, buildings and movable structures.

4. If you are driving, move your car away from traffic. Move far away from the site of the quake. Do not park under bridges and overpass. Stay inside your car.

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5. If you are on mountainous area, avoid falling rockd, landslide, trees and other debris.

With this information, you can be assured of your saftey when an earthquake arises.




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