How To Start A Vegetable Farming Enterprise In Nigeria

Starting A Vegetable farming Enterprise In Nigeria

Every Nigerian enterprise must not have to operate with manufactured products. Farming is also a major driver of the Nigerian economy. Vegetable farming is among them and this has the capacity of improving the economy.

Starting A Vegetable Enterprise In Nigeria

Starting A Vegetable farming Enterprise In Nigeria

The word ‘ Farmer’ have been said to be associated with illiteracy and poverty which is not so. Farmers are among the richest, that is farmers that operate on a large scale.

One of the richest people in China happens to be a farmer. Nigerians should stop taking farming as something meant for poverty. Many families consume vegetables on a daily basis in Nigeria and this is among the easiest enterprise to indulge in.

All through the year, vegetables are consumed in various parts of Nigeria.

Categories Of Vegetable Farming Enterprise In Nigeria

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Vegetables happens to be among the simplest crop to cultivate. One type of vegetables is Fluted Pumpkin which is referred to by the Igbos as Ugu. Ugu of course is the most consumed vegetable in the country. A size of farm of 1 acre can turn above N500000 and it takes you below N60000 to farm one acre. If it happens to be in Lagos, the region stretching across Egbin power station in Ikorodu to Ikorodu garage is very conducive for cultivating Ugu. The vegetable categories that can be cultivated in Nigeria are listed below:

1. Green Okra Farming

This vegetable often referred to as gumbo and lady’s finger in many countries speaking English contains much nutrients. When you slice the edible green seed pods, a slippery substance comes out of it making your soup smooth, delicious and tick.

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It is a confirmed fact that the consumption of vegetables when plenty of okra is used can aid digestion and be a relief to constipation. As a Nigerian, you already know about Okra soup which happens to be very popular in restaurants and this is normally prepared with smoked fish and Ugu vegetable which tastes good and delicious. There is a reasonable quantity of Vitamin A which is antioxidant because of it’s beta-carotene content. This is also rich in Vitamin-K, Vitamin-C including other Vitamin-B Complexes. This type of crop is tolerant with all of types of soil.

2. Fluted Pumpkin

Just like in the introduction, it was noted that Pumpkin is eaten by Nigerians of various classes. They normally use it for making many dishes and this is also of high nutritious content. Majority of soups in Nigeria have this vegetable as part of their content.

The vegetable have some verbal attributes since it can promote the content of red blood cell when it is eaten fresh. When cooked and eaten, the nutrients which enhance the blood enables the expansion of the volume of blood within a very short time after it was consumed. It is natural for a vegetable of these usage and benefits to be in much demand. If you can cultivate Ugu, you can sell it the market. There is enhanced possibility of cultivating Ugu because it’s poor soil and drug tolerance.

3. Cabbage

This vegetable is another one in Nigeria and it is used for making salads. The only region that is eaten is the rounded head of which the unfolded outer leaves is excluded. Due to it’s flavour, the vegetables is consumed with many types of dishes and can also be eaten raw. There is much demand of this and you can get it at a good price. Cabbage is not comfortable in the sun. It’s growth is better in an environment that is cold but can at least get up to 6 hours of sunlight on a daily basis. Its growth happens well on well drained and fertile soil.

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4. Cucumber farming

Cucumber helps the skin. It is very good with the skin. This is due to the fact that skin and cucumber tend to share equal hydrogen content and this makes it easier for cucumber to handle skin problems by having them engulfed. It is functional in softening, soothing and skin relaxation. You can take cucumber raw and make use of it in making many types of food in the country. Just like every other vegetables, cucumber is properly drained and also rich in organic matter content. Cucumber has a potential to sell fast in many parts of Nigeria. This is another type of farming that can promote the economy.

5. Ewedu

This happens to be among the vegetables that are most popular among the Yoruba people of Nigeria.

Factors To Consider For Cultivating Vegetables


a. Site selection of vegetables

Once you develop a market for the produce, you embark on the appropriate field selection. When you consider sites for the intention of farming vegetables, the farmer will happen to consider soil type, field topography and water availability and quality. The physical attributes of farm site involves conditions like soil depth, contour, water and air drainage. The type of soil has to do with the physical composition or soil properties while the availability of water has to do with how much water can be accessed for this vegetable. Vegetables normally need much water than other agronomic crops and this should be taken care of during site selection.

b. Selection of crops

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Another area that should be considered when cultivating vegetables is the variety of crops. The highest limiting factor to the production of vegetables is the outbreak of diseases. There is much need to engage in the cultivation of species that and disease resistant. A farmer should have the capacity to form a marketing plan for the vegetables.
The following questions should be answered:

  • What is the quantity of vegetables to be produced?
  • What kind of vegetable is to be grown?
  • Where or whom do you sell the vegetables?
  • What is the demand of the vegetables?
  • What is the cost of marketing vegetables?
  • What risks are associated with producing vegetables?

Once you can answer these questions, you can proceed.


The cultivation of vegetables is a very practicable enterprise in Nigeria. Vegetables remains among the most consumed crop in Nigeria. There is high demand of this crop due to it’s high rate of consumption. Why not start this? If you have any questions on cultivating vegetables, feel free to ask using our comment box.

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