How to Get to Agege Lagos State – Agege Travel Guide Here

How to get to Agege Lagos

On this post i want to share little idea how you can locate Agege Lagos state from some nearby location in Lagos and as well some little tips which you can travel from far locations to Agege for your very first time.

Agege is one of the largest and most popular location in Lagos state with lot of businesses. Agege precisely is known as a busy location in Lagos and most cheap place to stay in Lagos as well. Electricity supply is not stable in Agege but there are lot of things there that are interesting. Agege has one of the stadium in Nigeria, though it’s not too big it still amazing. Businesses are making it to Agege especially food items.

How to locate Agege – Get to Agege or Find Your Way to Agege Lagos State

How to get to Agege Lagos

If you are looking for how you can find your way to Agege then keep reading as this post major focus is to get you on the way and land you straight at Agege.

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If you are within Ogba, Ikeja, Oshodi, Egbeda, Iyan ipaja, Berger there is no much stress, all you just needed to do is go to this locations bus stop and get a straight bus (Danfo) to Agege, if you don’t know where to get a bus from this locations then get the bus stops of the locations and ask drivers of where to get Agege Bus.

If you are far from any of this locations then try to get  bus going to any of the above mentioned locations, locate any of the above mentioned location closer to you and get bus from there to Agege easily.

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For those traveling from other states to Lagos and trying to locate Agege, in most cases the road that lead to Lagos, one most go through Berger, this is to say most buses coming from normal pass through Berger. If you haven’t heard about Berger, it’s the entrance of Lagos State and almost everyone coming to Lagos must pass through Berger except those who want to follow Ejebu road to Ajar, Lekki etc.

All you need to do to locate Agege if you are coming from other states is >>> Drop at Berger Lagos, (tell your driver you want to drop at Berger on time) Use the pedestrian crossing bridge to cross to the other side of the road and ask of where to get bus to Agege. You just have to wait at the bus stop there for Bus going to Agege to come. Agege isn’t far from Berger. See transportation cost to Agege here.

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This are the steps to find your way to Agege Lagos State. If you thing you need more direction or you have a question or complaint to make or want to contribute to this article, you can use the comment box below to drop your comment. Thanks for your time here, i remain your loyal Serome.

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