How to Enable QuickTime Player Recording Audio Sound on Apple Computer

QuickTime Player

Hello friends, welcome to my blog. I’m Serome and this is my little help i wish to contribute to the Apple Computer regarding the issues of audio sound not playing on quickTime player. Many people are having this issues and it really disturbing when you can’t find the solution. As for my case i’m a blogger and there are so many things i needed to show my readers in practical so it was really a big problem to me.

How to solve problem of QuicTime Player not recording audio sound

QuickTime Player

If you are hearing about the word quicktime player for the very first time, quicktime is preinstalled application on apple computer. It doesn’t matter the model of apple pc you have, there is quicktime application on it.

To find quicKtime application on your apple laptop or desktop, close apple all opened tabs and click >> Go >> Applications >> Look for Quicktime Player on the application page.

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If you couldn’t find quicktime player on the applications page the go to app store to download latest quickTime player.

As a matter of fact the video i’m going to show you on this page which is how to have the issues done in practical was my first video i did with it. I have search everywhere online looking for the solution to this problem but no one came out to be helpful though someone suggestion was quite helpful, it wasn’t still 100% what i was looking for.

If you have your apple computer laptop or desktop turned on, then follow this steps completely to have your quicktime player to record sound along with videos when you are doing screen recording and other recordings.

How to Enable Audio Sound on Quicktime Player

Step 1. Go on to your pc home dashboard and minimize all opened tabs. When that is done, point your mouse to the left side of your screen and click the apple logo next click on System References.

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Step 2. Look for sound icon and click it.

Step 3. Navigate to Output and select “internal Speaker

Step 4. Navigate to Input and select “internal microphone” and close the settings page and every other tabs

Step 5. Open your quicktime player and click on new screen recording, wait for the screen recording page to show up.

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Step 6. Click on the drop down icon on the recording screen and click on the “Built-in Microphone: Internal microphone” in the microphone section.

You are done, you have just enabled audio sound on recording in quicktime player app. This work in all model of apply laptop and all version of apple computer. My current apple version is 10.7 and it work well. I have also guided someone on lower version of Mac Os and it work well for him. If you still have issues with recording audio with video on quicktime player then use the comment box below to drop the issue. I will try to reply as soon as possible with possible solutions. You can go through the video tutorial on

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