Best Home Theatre Shopping Guide, Price and Where to Buy in Nigeria

Welcome to Informationhood. Setting up your living room might be a bit hard since you have had several experiences with some products you have used. here are some shopping guide to getting a new home theatre. Enjoy!!!

Best Home Theatre Systems in Nigeria

It is an awesome idea having home theaters in the house because It makes the home lit and lively, but shopping for home theatres system in Nigeria might be most times stressful and even getting the best of the products or models at an affordable price might be more stressful. Committing yourself to a specific budget as regards getting a home theatre would help you narrow your research and choose a home theater that is perfect for you. No matter how light or bulky your budget may seem you will still find a home theater of your choice. Know that different models will evidently give a different experience, so it is advisable you go for the best and be sure of what you want. When buying a home theater, it is essential you evaluate each component and ensure it meets your needs. A home theatre contains a widescreen TV, a DVD player, and a sound framework, to get these you should settle on the correct decisions. Below are the best home theaters you could purchase with unique properties in them:


Samsung HT-E355K DVD Home Theatre System

This particular model from Samsung comes with a crystal amplifier, an HDMI and a Karaoke featured in it, the speaker type is Tower, it has a power output of about 330 Watts, a DVD in it and a port for USB when needed.

Djack Bluetooth Home Theatre System Dj-5050 + Powerful DVD Player:

This awesome product has a voltage of about 220v, 50Hz, a clear sound with high-quality acoustic effect, FM radio, very compatible with various sound sources, power control yield about 140 Watts, has a Bluetooth work, full capacity infrared remote control, an inside genuine six channel proficient computerized intensifier, it supports mp3, WMA format music, DTS AC-3- 6 Channel connector. It has a front speaker, surrounded speaker and a central speaker and an 8-inch powerful subwoofer with acoustic mass speaker technology and many other features in it. The system comes at a very affordable price.


LG AV Receiver Home Theatre ARX8500

This special kind of model is made from the house of LG for the satisfaction of man. The product comes at an affordable price. It has an output of 1250Watts, dual subwoofer, Bass blast, 2HDMI in and out. It has a maximum utility, highly durable and of great quality. It is very portable and handy, powerful bass, horn compression tweeter and many more, if purchased, gives the home a new shape.

Sony DVD Home Theatre System with Bluetooth

This special home theatre comes with a Bluetooth, a designed monolithic quartz with a 5.1 channel system and a DVD player A USB movie playback with Xvid Home and an MPEG-4 straightforward profile, Bluetooth availability that backs just Mp3, and an HDMI Output. It is black in color and has a power output of about 300 Watts.

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Polystar Home Theatre:

This model also comes with a Bluetooth, about 105 Watts for the power output, it supports MPEG, DVDs, cd, CD-R, mp3, it has a Led display and an input USB, a 5.1 channel surrounded digital output, quality digital audio and highly durable.

LG HT357SD Home Theatre System:

This unique product from LG has a USB feature that does not only support music but also supports movies, photos and so on, it has an integrated advanced audio technology, a deep bass sound and clear audio quality, five speakers in it, a woofer which is of high quality and highly durable.

You could also check online stores to get the best products or model at an affordable price.



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