Hmm! Nigerians in London planning massive protest to Abuja House against Buhari

Hmm! Nigerians in London planning massive protest to Abuja House against Buhari


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“Our Mumu Don Do” and many other Protests against Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria may been suspended, yet it has been reported that the people of the country living in London are planning a massive protest against the ailing president.

According to a report by the Daily Independent, the march against Buhari is to take place in London today Friday, August 18 and the participants are to march to the Abuja House where Buhari has been since May 7 when he left Nigeria.

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The report equally said the protesters would hold a night vigil in the name of #ResumeOrResign” at the Abuja House as the London Metropolitan police have given the protesters permit.

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“We have been given parking permission too, so you can come with your car too.

“Come with your jacket, or even camping bag. The temperature will go as low as 16* degrees.

“It’s an all-night vigil. Come with your candle and torch or use the one on your phones”, the statement reads.

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“We heard APC are trying to pay people £200 for a counter protest. Unfortunately for them the police are going to be there live for our protection.

“Any counter protest they will be arrested and charged for obstruction,” the report quoted a statement from the organisers as saying.

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