Kazaure, Jigawa State – A typical Hausa Community: All You Need to Know About Us

I’ve been in a range of exciting environments mostly in the southwestern part of Nigeria. They seem lovely and beautiful; a whole package of some sort to write novels about. As a matter of interest; I’d rather talk about my most recent locale; kazaure.

All You Need to Know About 

Kazaure Community Including The Current Condition Of The Community


Kazaure is one of the local governments in Jigawa state; a distance of 1-2hrs to the busy city of Kano via road. It isn’t New York alright, nor is it some archaic red Indians’ settlement. Thank God for NYSC, I might have gone all my life without knowing places like this exist, well except in Indian slum movies.

It’s a cool place, busy to some standards and typically populated by Muslims as most Hausa regions. Kazaure to certain extent is a commercial hub where you can find traders crosscutting all tribes in Nigeria; this is due to the fact that it connects two capital cities (Kano and Daura) together.

The road is quite good with little worries for potholes. The power is being supplied from the Kano Electricity Distribution company (KEDCO), and it is quite constant as well. The cost of living here is low as regards sheltering, feeding and transportation.

The commercial organizations there include Jigawa savings and loans limited, Access bank, Union bank, Skye bank, and Zenith Bank. The main tertiary institutions include; Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic (HAFEDPOLY) and Jigawa State Institute for Information Technology (JSIIT). It also houses a General Hospital and a Zainab memorial hospital which is located beside the savings and loans building.

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Kazaure People

kazaure people

The people are quite friendly with each of them going about their daily activities in the best way known to them. They seem contented with life –even with the obvious underdeveloped infrastructural facilities and the low standard of living– ; the kids play in their sand dunes, the housewives and the general female populace in their hijab even in the extreme hot weather, the guys in their old-fashioned clothes and funny haircut, I even had myself one of those funny haircut then, hilarious.

The people are so welcoming that prices are subsidized for strangers, not to talk of a Corper, especially one that can speak their indigenous language, even in bits. One of the lovely activities there holds on Friday; it happens to house the Jumat service and the local market day. Varieties are displayed, different people from neighboring towns, the lovely dresses, and gosh the traffic. This day is usually fun, prices of goods are considerable very low compared to other days of the week.

Unexpected appeal



The hub of the town is at Kanti; it is located along the Kano-Daura expressway. It houses recreational centers, suya joints, boutiques, viewing centres, game houses, general hospital, local government secretariats, five-star restaurants –laughs, exaggerating amidst a host of other things. Kanti is never dry, always bubbling even till the 11th hour of the day.

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Residence here is quite primitive unless you are staying in quarters like the one I stayed, smiles. Shagari quarters is fun and youthful as most of the serving corpers and tertiary students in the town are found there, as icing on cakes; it is also a few minute walk away from the ever bubbling Kanti. A room was rented in the range of N15,000 to N20,000 , while a one-room self-contain goes for around N30,000N50,000.

There is a tourist attraction in the form of a wawan raffi; a sort of river and reservoir held for fishing festivals – but I doubt it’ll be that much fun as the alimanjiri boys. These boys are students of the Islam ways; brought all over the country to learn from the masters. It’s always fun with them, they always surprised me with their funny ways; beating drum at night and celebrating what I don’t know, mimicking strangers, amidst other things.

In short; kazaure is a cool place to experience grass root lifestyle and the Hausa culture. If you are even lucky; you might get a free ride on their donkeys, camels, or cattle to your residence after a long day on Access/ Zenith bank ATM queue, hahaha.

The Kazaure market

Kazaure is one of the few towns in Jigawa state that can boast of an organized market. Series and varieties of items are on display ranging from building materials, foodstuffs, kitchen materials, interior decoration and its materials, to electronics. It even has a mini supermarket of some sort along the Kano-Daura road.

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The materials are arranged into sections, different section across different parts of the market. There is cosmetics and deodorant section, foodstuff section, agricultural inputs section amidst others. There are ranges of boutiques to surf say you are a fashionista. I can vouch for kazaure to meet your needs. It also go a long way providing/supplying secondary needs for in inhabitants of Gwiwa, Yankwashi, Babura and Roni – the neighboring LGAs.

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