Glo Night Data Plans and Subscription Codes 2018

Glo is one of the best telecom network in Nigeria that have the best internet service. Right from time glo data subscription plan is known as best and affordable among others Nigeria telecom network data service. On this article we want to show you the 2 glo night data plans and their codes to subscribe 2018.

glo Night Data Plans

Glo Night Data Plans and Subscription Codes 2018

Glo night plan enables you to browse the internet at night within a giving time. Night plan will not work for day time no matter what because it’s only made for night browsing. Below are the 3 glo data plans and the code to subscribe to the one of your choice is also included.

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Glo Night Plan Teams and Condition

There is only one condition involve on the glo night data plan which is accessible only through 12am to 5am for the 1gb night data plan is cost N200 naira and only valid for 1day.

1GB Night-Only Plan

This data plan last for just one day and the time duration is 12am to 5am. On this data plan you will be offered 1gb for the cost of N200.

Note that data on this plan cannot be pass to the other day. As soon as you subscribe for this data plan you must use it that night or it will expire and your N200 is gone.

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This glo data plan is good for music bloggers and some other film watchers and heavy internet users who are ready to sacrifice their sleep.

to subscribe to glo night only 1gb data plan dial *127*60#.

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Glo TGIF Weekend Plan

This is the second data plan on the glo night data subscription plans. With this data plan it enable you to browse the internet at night when it 12am to 5am in the morning. This package offer subscriber 3gb that last for 7 days. The subscriber to this plan will browse the internet at weekend which is Saturday and Sunday once it’s 11:59pm and Nights 12am to 5am.

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This glo data plan cost N500 naira only. Giving data on this plan cannot be roll over.

To subscribe to Glo TGIF weekend night data plan dial *127*61#. If you want to subscribe to this plan via SMS requires that you text 61 to 127.

This is the 2 night data plans also considered as weekend plans glo offer. If you are having issue with subscribing to any of this plan or need more info regarding this article use the comment box below.

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